Is the general white population in the west addicted to global capitalism ? Something tells me that once global capitalism is gone they will show their true colors ?

No, the White masses are not addicted to Global Capitalism, most don’t understand it, and even few actually participate in it.

They are addicted to the myths about Capitalism, but the average American White or non-White has never read Adam Smith, hell, they don’t even read Thomas Friedman; and Friedman is the Pied Piper of Globalization and Investment Capitalism which drives it.  Most Americans would rather chew off their own big toe than read Karl Marx, and to this day, not other economist has offered a better analysis and critique of Capitalism. 

Most Whites think Capitalism is about competition, hard work, ingenuity, perseverance, the free market, working to generate profits, freedom, Jesus, and democracy.  LoL! 

Yeah, Whites are addicted to the myths of Capitalism and they are mostly ignorant about the realities of capitalism, and even more ignorant about global capitalism which is responsible for the horrendous poverty and exploitation across the globe.

So when a member of the White masses tells you they support, embrace, or engage in Capitalism just know; they have no fucking idea what the fuck they are talking about.  The same goes for Socialism, most Whites don’t understand it, or care to.

I think once Global Capitalism is gone, all of humanity will show its true colors, people innately wish to share, cooperate, and commune with one another, the Profit Motive has almost destroyed those innate human drives, but they are still with us and will become prominent once the System and Institutions of White Domination and Industrial and Investment Capitalism are dismantled.