Diallo’s Conspiracy Corner: Human Cattle.

Remember a few months ago when they had the Masses all hyped up about Vaccines?
 LOL!  I bet that most of these pro-Vaccine MFers dun forgot, ain’t
thought about the issue since it’s been dropped by the corporate media.

But anyway…:

There was a relatively new term injected into the US lexicon: Herd immunity.
 Folks swallowed this shit without a blink, both the pro and anti Vac
folks was talking “herd immunity this, herd immunity that.”  

I was like “fuck,” if the Elites can have us openly referring to the masses as a “herd,” then what’s next, loading us into Cattle cars?  I don’t suspect it will go that far…(just yet), but this subtle language shift has very significant impacts.

They could have said; Collective Immunity,  Social Immunity, Common
Immunity, hell even Mass Immunity, but Herd Immunity is all about Pavlovian Conditioning of the masses, and everyone ate it up.

It’s like back in the 70s and 80s when the term Human Resources came
into popular use and replaced terms like Labor Force, Work Force, Labor
Pool,  or just plain ole Workers.

They called us Human Resources,
and it wasn’t long before we embraced the title, and now the masses act
like Human Resources, we treat our children like Human Resources.  We
groom and train them for jobs, and jobs only; good jobs, but still jobs.
 We don’t even train them for jobs, we program them for jobs; just
visit any school or college if you doubt me.

So, now that the
Human Herd terminology is planted in the head of the masses, and yall
accepted it without any resistance; how long before we begin to behave
(even more) like a herd of sheep or human cattle?

LOL!  Yall thought yall was being scientific, when yall was just some lab rats.