There’s Little Klansman Inside Every White Liberal.

Something everyone who joins White Liberal causes needs to understand:

“Every White Liberal has a little Klansman buried inside (them), and he
feeds off of truth. When the White Liberal is exposed to too much
truth, the little Kansman takes over, until the White Liberal can return
to the comfortable lies that their Liberalism is rooted in.”

Remember this the next time you are in mixed company, and those
colorblind, post-racial, understanding Whites become agitated, and
dismissive; it’s cuz you are feeding
their inner Klansman.  If you want them to return to their kind and
accepting disposition; simply begin to spewing and accepting the
superficial liberalism, and the comforting lies about Race, Privilege,
and Progress they all love.  That will send the inner Klandsman back
into remission.  

Just putting this out here cuz I just had a White Liberal “Klaned-out” on me.  LoL!