Is nuclear war inevitable?

No, It has a potential of being averted, but it serves the Global Elites to keep the masses in fear of such an event.

The other side of that question is “is nuclear contamination or fall out inevitable, and the answer to that is Yes, because the world is already saturated in nuclear waste and fall out from centuries of nuclear weapons production, nuclear weapons testing, mining of nuclear materials, and nuclear power generation.

There have been thousands of nuclear bombs exploded on the ground, in the atmosphere, and under the oceans by the US and other nuclear states, especially nuclear armed nations in Western Europe.

So, there are “hot” areas of nuclear contamination all over the world, and under the sea.  We are all exposed at one level or another to this Omincidal, insane technology.  It has destroyed or contaminated entire ecosystems, and the world is awash in birth defects, cancers, and other biological defects as a result of the West’s obsession with nuclear power and weapons.

So we don’t even need a full scale war to feel the affects of nuclear technology.  The preeminent anti-nuclear activist Dr. Helen Coldicott asserts that Western Europe is the most nuclear contaminated location on the earth and refuses to consume food or products produced in Western Europe.

Another tragedy is that the sick individuals who brought us this nightmare and who continue to perpetuate nuclear weapons and power are not free from criminal charges, they are considers heroes and titian of industry and technological advancement. 

So don’t get spooked out or be afraid of a coming nuclear war, we need to fight the current nuclear industry and work to heal the world’s ecosystems that have already been damaged by nuclear testing and energy production.