You either reach a state of M.A.D. (Mutually Assured Destruction) with the West like:

-“The Islamic Fundamentalist”
-The So-Called Eastern Europeans: Slavic Peoples, Asians, Mongols, etc.
-The Emerging South American Nations
– The Koreas

Or you will be subjected to unrelenting, genocidal Oppression and Atrocities like:

-Sub-Saharan Africa (Black Africa)
-The Entire African Diaspora/ African-Americans
-Central Americas
-The Caribbean
-Native Americans
-The Inuits
-The Aboriginals
-The Pacific Islanders

There is no between. There is no appealing to the law, their humanity, or their sympathies. If you don’t have the same capacity and will to harm them as they do you, they will Oppress you. If you do have the capacity and will they will negotiate with you, until such time you lose or surrender that capacity.

That’s what we are faced with, let us organize and build with this most basic understanding in mind.


Note: M.A.D. is not exclusively about violence; many of the nations who’ve manged to secure true independence and a level of security from White Aggression don’t have military parity with the Western Imperial states but they have the ability to hit the West economically; which often frightens the Capitalist Elites more than military attacks.

The Elites care more about losing points in the Stock Market than they do about losing lives in the streets.

There is also the PR consideration, the US has not bombed or directly invaded Cuba because it would hurt its standing on the Global Stage, the Zionist are being weakened due to public scrutiny of their actions in Gaza and the West Bank. So there is a psychological and PR angle.

We have to be much broader in our thinking and tactics as we organize to subvert the Systems and Institutions of Global White Domination.

Another Note: This is a horrendous state for the world to be in, I acknowledge that; but it is also the absolute state of the world. They only way to change this state is to dismantle Global White Domination. Most simply think denying reality will impact or change reality; especially realities they don’t like or agree with.

I’ve had so many people who attack me for seeing and articulating reality instead of attacking those who create and sustain these realities. SMH.