if you were in charge of a country, and could implement any rules/ethics, what would they be?

It depends, am I a dictator, a president with two co-equal branches to contend with, am I a prime minister who has to build a governing coalition?

What I’d do as a head of state is the same, but how I did it would differ depending on the nature of the state and how much power I wield. 

My primary goal would be to address Global Warming and ecosystem decline, above all else; second to that would be economic and tax reform I would totally move towards a socialist economy, then I’d be on to reparations for Blacks, honoring the treaty commitment to Native Americas and giving them their just reparations, I’d dismantle the offensive capabilities of the US military and move them to a strictly defensive stance and cut the military budget by at least 80%, I’d raise the upper income tax rate to 100% impose a basic income for all citizens, I’d set a maximum wage and a max allowed monetary holdings, I’d deconstruct nukes, nationalize all carbon base resources and all companies oil, coal, and natural gas corporations, then dismantle them, then on to prison reform freeing all non-violent drug offenders, fully fun all needed mental health, education, and transitional programs for inmates, I’d audit and then shut down the Federal Reserve and force the Congress to once again produce the currency, I’d close all foreign military bases and halt all international small and large arms sales.

I could write a book on the policies I’d impose with full validation and support for those policies….hell, I might just do that cuz it’s hard to fully answer your question in this format.  

The White Capitalist System isn’t content to do shit the wrong way, it seems committed to doing shit in the worse possible way; so people don’t really think that a society can truly be humane, ecological, and just.  

But I think humanity is instinctively just when all obstacles to being just are removed or reduced. I’d use any state or official power to free people up to be humane, instead of indoctrinating them to be Human Resources. 

I’d do all the shit I been advocating on my blog since I set it up.  I’d use the power of the State to address the crimes of the State then I’d dismantle the State. 

So, if I ever became a head of state I’d implement Revolution from the top down instead of organizing and advocating for Revolution from the bottom up like I’m currently doing.