As a White American, I honestly do appreciate the contribution Blacks have made to US society. You’ve also made my lifestyle possible. As such, I acknowledge the we owe you reparations. How much, and for how long, is certainly up for discussion. I don’t speak for all whites, but I’m personally sorry for all the bad things whites have done to blacks, the inequality and injustice of this society, and admire all the struggles you have faced and overcame. How can things ever be set right?

Things can only be made right by dismantling the Systems and Institutions of Global White Domination (GWD) and Capitalism; it’s so simple, yet seemingly impossible because we all refuse to simply image a better world is possible.   

But GWD and Capitalism are doomed, the only question is how much of the world’s ecosystems will die with these doomed systems.  If we allow GWD and Capitalism to collapse under their own corruption and contractions the world will be so ravaged that there will be no complex lifeforms or living systems left; the longer we take the more diminished the world’s life sustaining capacity will be.

So I don’t encourage you to organize against GWD due to your guilt or sorrow about what’s happening to Blacks, Native Americas, Inuits, Polar Bears, Blue Wales, etc; bring this shit down to save your own White ass and the White asses of any Whites you hold dear.  

White people are on the top floor of a burning skyscraper, so shit tends to hit yall last, but it also hits yall hardest and yall have the farthest to fall.  

Western Culture, and GWD is Omnicidal, meaning it’s killing everything, from microbes, to bees, to herbs, to the biggest trees, to me and my people, to all ocean life, to, eventually, even the very Whites who profit the most from this System!

So, get radical, divest from this system, then worked to bring it down as quickly as possible.  Use your privilege, access, and ill-gotten status/wealth to dismantle GWD, and to wake up other White to how they are being set-up for the biggest fall of all, by your own elites.

Get organized, and engage.