On White-On-White Violence, and How White People Don’t Stick Together…

The Bill Cosby Tabloid Scandal and Sex Crimes allegations have been a crash course for me on the depths of the ‪#‎NewNegro‬ level of self-deception and Mentacide.

I have to thank Bill when I get a chance, he’s provoking many self-rejecting and self-hating members of our community to Self-Expose. ‪#‎NNSEP‬

One of the myths that the New Negros have brought back to the surface is that “Black people don’t stick together, that we don’t back up our own,” and they punctuate that myth by stating, “White people stick together, they support their own.”

The New Negros and their nephews the Plantation Charlies have been spewing the toxic concept of Black-on-Black Crime using it to even excuse atrocities committed by the State against Black people.

Now, I gotta a little graph put both of those myths to rest.

First, Whites don’t stick together or support each other, in fact, throughout history, they only high levels of cooperation and unity I’ve seen come out of the West is when they are organized to attack other races, a unity solely based on killing and robbing others is not real unity, if you don’t believe me, just go watch on of your favorite Mafia movies and you will see a demonstration of White Unity, unified for crime but willing to kill each other when it suits them without any guilt.

Second, White-on-White violence far surpasses anything Black people could even imagine, we don’t own or have a real stake in the global media or we would see daily evidence of White-on-White crime and White-on-Everyone-Else Crime, but we don’t so we are fed daily doses of Black crime and dysfunction.

In this image you see the most nuclear contaminated regions on the earth, nuclear power and weapons is a White Thang, you wouldn’t understand. (I guess Japan should get an Honorable Mention, because they were so successful at mimicking the West in its madness.) They didn’t run to African, Asia, or Latin America with that shit, they dumped it in their own nations, on the heads of their own families. Western Europe and the North East US are the seats of White Power, and look what they’ve done and are doing to those regions. Where’s the Love? That’s why the Elites are buying all that land in African, Asia, and they are recolonizing the so-called Middle East, they are gonna jump ship and leave the White masses in the Radioactive Waste Lands.


This is not only White-on-White crime, this is a crime that will continue for millions of years, this is not just killing your own, this is killing your own over for the next 1 million+ generations!!! The White Elite did this for nothing more than short term fiscal profits and to support their illegal systems of imperialism. They did it by choice not because they had to!!!

So the next time you wanna try to shame poor and oppressed Black people, please don’t bring up Europeans as the model of Unity, or looking out for your own.

Also, don’t be fooled by the title of the article I linked, Western Europe is a Radioactive Hot Zone, right now! If you don’t believe me just Google Helen Caldicott and study her research. She’s not a Black Militant, and she ain’t got no reason to lie about it. (http://www.liveleak.com/view?comments=1&i=145_1303583005)