Abusers vs. Enemies.

Africans (at home and abroad) tend see our Oppressors as Abusive Parents instead of Entrenched Enemies.

We tend to withdraw, self-harm, self-medicate, throw tantrums, act out,
beg/plead/scream for justice; while reaming comfortable or simply
holding to our attachment and dependence on our abusers. That is exactly
how abused children respond.

In the vast majority of parental
abuse cases the child hopes for the parent to “get better and do
better.” They will hold to this hope even as the abuser is preparing to,
or actively killing them. They also cry and feel profound sadness when
physically separated from an abusive parent.

Maybe the more
appropriate analogy would be a child abusing a parent cuz we came first,
we birth, nurtured, and helped them to become established while they
squander the wealth they stole from us.

All the while keeping
that faith that the right amount of love and disciplining will bring
that abusive child around. Hoping that reminding the abusive child how
much we did for them when they were weak and dependent on us will awaken
the child to the error of their ways.

But either way; I wish
we’d abandon this conscious and unconscious relationship with all of our
Oppressors; they are not our parents nor our children, and none of
their power over is is legitimate. The moment a people seeks to Oppress
you, even if they fail, the very desire or willingness to oppress you
makes them your enemy.

You don’t get emotional about an enemy,
or even their assaults; you fucking calculate. You also seek, in all
times, in peace, detente, or open conflict to reduce your dependence and
vulnerability to your active or former Oppressors and enemies!

This is is basic, and practiced by most other nations and cultural
groups! Why can’t we figure it out? (That’s rhetorical, I know why.)

Our oppressors don’t see us as vulnerable children, or parents; they
view and treat us as enemies, security threats, human resources, and
colonial subjects. They are calculating and cold, even in times of calm
and peace they are strategizing to advance their agendas and subvert our
agendas and our ability to conceive and enact agendas; while we wait
for them to get busted doing shit we know they were doing before they
got busted, cuz they have been doing this shit since they imposed their
Domination on our ancestors.

I find it impossible to mobilize our
people for the necessary actions during times of relative peace, and
just as impossible to organize our people for appropriate actions in
times of conflict and resistance.

When I talk about war, I’m not
talking like these Toxic Black Nationalist either, or these gun-totting
caricatures of the Black Panthers. Del Jones
 taught us that 90% of warfare is cultural, that for every troop in the
field you needs 99+ people behind the lines working to sustain the
social structure and the apparatus for war and society.

I’m not
about to march into battle with dudes I can’t even open and operate a
small business with in my community with; if you ain’t got disciple for
that, then you shouldn’t even own a slingshot, let alone a gun. (But
that’s a whole different discussion. We just need to really study War,
Cold Wars, Hot Wars, Economic Warfare, Psychological Warfare, etc. We
are targets of war and so damn ignorant of war at the same time.)

Maybe it’s me, I just can’t articulate the message in a way to provoke a
paradigm shift. I’m done speaking out of frustration, the work and the
struggle continues.