Are you a liberal or conservative?

In the Western Political Context I’d be defined as a Far Left Radical.

In the Pan-African Political Context I’d be defined as a Left Leaning Centrist.

Then shits get even more confusing when we go issue by Issue.

On Gun-Control and an Armed Citizenry I’d be labeled a Conservative, or even an extreme Conservative.

On the Issues of Reproductive Rights and Abortion I’d be labeled a Liberal.

On the Issues of Feminism I’d be labeled a Conservative.

On the Issue of the Death Penalty I’d be labeled a Liberal, an extreme Liberal.

I could go on but I think you get the point.  The L vs. C label is an invention, it’s used to manipulate the masses by the Elites, and the media they own and the political parties they control.  Republicans are Liberal when it comes to international trade and market speculation, the Democrats are conservative when it comes to military intervention; neither party is consistent in their professed political positions, except when it comes to sustaining White Domination over the US and the rest of the world.

Also if you study political history and political science, a Conservative issue of the past can become a Liberal issue of the future.  Like Abortion, Conservatives used to be aggressively pro-Abortion when it was tied to Eugenics, in fact Ronald Reagan backed the most “liberal” pro-Abortion policies when he was in state Government, he became anti-Abortion when he elevated to the Federal level. 

Everyone you encounter has Liberal positions and Conservation positions on various issues and topics.

The real standings and ideologies that matter are never discussed; are you an Imperialist, or anti-Imperialism; are you anti-White Domination, are you Pan-Africanist, or a Tribalist.  Those distinctions are what we have to determine to measure an individual; and within all of those distinctions there are both Liberals and Conservatives.

You can have Liberal and Conservative Pan-Africanist and you have people are have both positions within the same Ideology, they have the same goal but varying views and methods, but they put the Pan-African Agenda above all, and that’s where I stand politically and ideologically.