Thoughts on Chris Hedges? You read his article about how Malcolm X is right about America?

I think people should listen to Chris Hedges, he has some great insights, but I don’t agree with his positions on Violence, and Non-Violence.  I also think he’s a sucka for attacking the “Far Left,” or Leftist Radicals like the Revolutionary Communist, Black Block Anarchist, and Deep Green Resistance.

His attempts to be “balanced,” and point out the issues on the White Left simply feed the Omnicidal Elites and their overall agenda.  There’s no comparison between the rebels who engage in property damage, or advocate violent against the Omnicidal institutions of Capitalism and Imperialism and the Elites they opposed, and Chis should know better than to even suggest that the Far Left are even a threat to Civil Society, or worthy of his public criticism and opposition. 

Chris still has some mainstream media legitimacy and access and I guess he wants to hold on to it by distancing himself from the Far, Radical Left, and I guess his message needs to be heard in that area, but he should lay off the Far Left and focus on the true threats to humanity and the rest of the worlds living systems.

I read his article about Malcolm X being right about America, I was not impressed, I guess it was a good tribute and short overview of Malcolm.