We Are Not Equal to Whites…And That’s a Good Thing.

Whites have tried to convince all the people that they have raped, pillaged, invaded, colonized, enslaved, and attempted to exterminate that if we were in the same positions we would have done the same things, if not worse.

That’s like the rapist telling the rape victim; “you’d rape me if you were strong enough.” That’s some sick and incorrect shit.

What’s worse, a whole lotta Negros buy that shit. They join the Whites in talking that “humanity is greedy, and violent,” bullshit. You can’t pay them Negros to say “Whites are greedy and violent,” but they’ll put all of humanity in that bag, even those who lived peacefully and symbiotically with nature for thousands of years.

We even have Negros talking about Black Power is as bad as White Power, that Black Nationalism and Governance is as evil as White Empires. They oppose Blacks unifying for their exclusive interest because they fear we’ll end up acting like the KKK or the Nazis.

Don’t let Whites project their crimes onto the rest of humanity, don’t get tricked into thinking the way some of us behave under White Domination and Depravity is our true or natural way.

Continue the Struggle, and Shun the Bullshit.

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