What are you thought on poc(people of color) solidarity? You think such a thing exist? I personally feel like all these other non-white races shit on black folk too, including native americans! I dunno fam, sounds good in theory but the reality is showing something a whole lot different.

My though are locked in with the historical record.  Many of these POCs have organized to assist our enemies, or exploit Africa or the African Diaspora for their own ends.  African people have had no consistent or permanent allies in our struggle for liberation. 

You are correct about the Native Americans too.

We have to understand these issues in proper context however.  Prior to White/Arab Invasions, Conquest, Imperialism, Colonization, and mass Enslavement we had peaceful and balanced relationships with many nations beyond Africa.  Read Ivan Van Sertima, Chancellor Williams, or Diop; there is a potential for full healing and peace between us and other Races and Nations, once the Systems of White Domination and Capitalism have been dismantled.

But in our oppressed and vulnerable state, I don’t think we can afford to rest on, or even trust the good will of other POCs.  I’m not saying we should isolate ourselves or refuse to coordinate our efforts, but we need to fully define and protect the interest and the agenda of the Global African Community first, because we’ve been stabbed in the back so many times there’s no more room for any more blades.

So, we just have to realize that we can make alliances when and where alliences are appropriate, but we also need to make sure our intrest are secured in the begining, throughout, and in the conclusion of any alliences with other POCs. 

They are not our natural enemies or allies, we have to remember that, and act accordingly.