Whites Refuse to Learn:  From Crack Babies to Meth Babies.

White folks just refuse to learn the lessons of history.  

They just don’t understand the Blacks are the political and economic
“Canaries in the Coal Mine” of America.  What happens to us will
eventually happen to Whites, often with greater intensity.

They supported Environmental racism for decades, now their own Elites are fracking the shit our of their communities. (see: Facts About Fracking)

They allowed gang wars to rip up the Black community without any real
effort to stop it, now their own children are involved in Global
Gang-banging for the Elites, and being destroyed physically and
psychologically in foreign war zones.

The didn’t say shit when Deindustrialization hit the low skilled factory jobs held by the Black laborers, but now even white-collar jobs are being Outsourced,
and their college educated White children are jobless and sleeping on
their couches…, getting high; which brings me to my main point and
this video.

In the 70s and 80s when the White Elites were
flooding the Hood with coke and setting up the apparatus for mass
incarceration, the White masses were enthusiastically supporting Get tough on crime polices targeting Blacks.

Whites embraced and spread the myth of the Crack baby
epidemic, and demonized instead of empathizing with Black mothers who
struggle with (criminalized) addiction heaped on top of the Racism and
Sexsim they already had to deal with.  

The White masses supported every single effort to erode the Social safety net at the same time they supported Minimum mandatory sentences for non-violent drug offenders.

The White Elites and their corporate media succeeded in making welfare,
and drug addiction into Black issues, even though Whites consistently
surpassed us in both categories, the White masses bought into the myth
that they were the hard working, drug free, Moral Majority who didn’t need handouts, Universal health care, or rational drug policies.

So here we stand, Whites are under the grip of both a prescription and
illicit drug epidemics.  Unlike the crack baby myth, the meth baby myth
is all too real; but because it’s White babies, they won’t give the
affliction such a dismissive name.  

As Whites struggle with the Opiate
epidemics gripping rural, suburban, and gentrified White America, do
you think these people will even acknowledge their history and treatment
of Blacks during the government manufactured Crack epidemic?

Fuck naw.  

Hell, most Black folks won’t either.  

But the Chickens are rooting yet again.  SMH.

Whites just will not learn as a people; I guess it’s as I suspected;
the average White person would prefer to live in a White Hell than a
Black Heaven any day.