Diallo’s Conspricy Corner: Cops in SUVs.

Ever notice how, just as the US population fell out of love with the SUV due to raising fuel cost, that our local and state police departments allofa sudden decided that they needed those roomy gas guzzlers to perform their Protecting and Serving duties?

We know that the main purpose of the government is to serve and protect the Parasitic Elite who own every damn thing, including controlling stock in the US auto industry, and the oil industry.

Once the high gas prices broke through their propaganda that a big SUV or a Hummer represented power, wealth, success, and a big penis, the Parasitic Elite were taking big losses because they have banked on us all driving SUVS for the next several decades, they had built factories that were meant to build SUVs exclusively, they spent billions on advertising and set up thousands of dealerships to sale these goddamn SUVs!

So what the hell you think the Parasitic Elite are gonna do, admit they made a big mistake, cut their losses, accept that their gonna have a few billion dollars less to throw on the piles of billions they already got? FUCK NAW! Real capitalist don’t take losses, ever; they pass their losses onto their workers and the citizens.

So they got on the phone to all of the city, state, and federal politicians they own and told them to buy up the SUVs, both they ones that were on the lots, and to accept contracts to buy more SUVs into the future. Of course all of the politicians agreed, and did as their Masters instructed.

I’m sure I don’t have to explain where the politicians get the money to pay for these SUVs and the tankers full of gas to fill them….they get it from us! Our TAXES!

So the public is still buying and fueling SUVs even though the public no longer wants them! So much for all that Free Market, and Consumer Power bullshit they tell us about in the News.

Just think about that as you see these cops prowl through your community in SUVs, as you see cops parked on the corned with the engine running and the AC/Heat on full blast eating doughnuts; we are financing our own oppression and we ain’t even getting market rates.

There’s no reason why cops can’t all drive a Toyota Prius or Chevy volts, better yet why not more bikes for these bloated fascist, and since they like behaving like plantation overseers in the Black Communities, put they asses back on horses.