Economically Starve the Minstrels.

You can bet your life that these Minstrels like Lil Wayne & Nikki Manaj would ever slip up and disrespect White historic Icons who died tragic and violent deaths like Anne Frank or Matthew Shepard, not in a million years.

You can bet your life that Kanye West – Yeezy would never dream of resurrecting the Swastika flag, and say “it’s my flag now, so wha chu gon do,” he would not dream of it.

These Minstrels are not controversial, absent minded, brave, or that damn stupid; what they are is treasonous cowards. They are paid, and allowed to live the “Rock Star Life,” because they are willing to conduct psychic assaults against the Black community on behave of their owners/manages/paymasters. They are paid to promote the most degenerate stereotypes for White consumption and pleasure. They are our enemies.

No beat should be funky enough for you to disrespect yourself by supporting any of these Minstrels in any way. No rhyme or lyric should be cleaver enough for you to overlook a person profiting from their service to those who seek to continue our oppression and dysfunction.

We have way too many talented and principled artist who entertain us while holding to African values in interest to even bother with these toxic, artificial Pop Stars. Fuck em.

I’m not calling for a boycott, or seeking any kind of apology, or a token donation to some Negro Organization, I’m calling for a purging, for a complete and permanent ousting, for open (cultural) Revolution and attack against these Minstrels and their genocidal agenda.

Economically and Socially choke and starve these Minstrels to death, or at the very least don’t in any way participate in the orgy of consumerism, individualism, and anti-Africanism they promote.

You who will trade your dignity to hear a funky beat, I don’t need or want to hear from you. Continue to help finance and shake your asses to your own extermination. I’m only reaching out to principled individuals.

Check out Conscious Hip Hop Archive, or vegan hip hop movement, or some other source to find progressive and Revolutionary music and artist to support.

Let’s join all other races/ethnicities/communities who have a zero tolerance for disrespect of their people in the mass and corporate media.