What are your Recommended Vegan Foods or just your food list of items you buy on a weekly/bi-weekly basis?

I span the full spectrum of Organic, Vegan, Non-GMO foods.

In this past couple of weeks I’ve have Vegan enchiladas (thank God for spell check), mash potatoes and winter veggies, steamed broccoli and organic tofu, veggie burger and fries, vegan peach cobbler (that I only get a couple if times a year when my sister in law makes it), a vegan Ethiopian platter (my wife’s birthday dinner), almond butter with apples, cupcakes, cherry cheese cake, way too man of them big chocolate chip cookies, my weekly allotment of two peanut butter cups (my player hating ass wife limits my pbc intake), plus oatmeal, creamy wheat, and a whole buncha fresh fruit and raw salads. 

I would bet my diet is more varied than the average bond gristle sucking meat eater. 

I’m not one of them breathatarian type Vegans, I used to be, but then I had kids; and kids will bring you down “like Bobby did Whitney,” so we just went standard Vegan with a strict Organic and Non-GMO requirement.  Oh, and we only fuck with fair trade products, we buy local whenever possible, and we grow much of our own shit during the Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Veganism is so easy nowadays, when I first went Vegan that shit required real disciple, now you can have everything from fudge pops to hot dogs; so I encourage everyone to at the very least have a couple of meatless days a week. Mean consumption is killing us and the planet; watch Cowspricy.