Who exactly are the White Elites ? I know thanks to your insightful posts that they are running the world and are responsible for all the mess and atrocities the created in this world ! But who are they and do you have any suspicion ?

Marx laid this out succinctly;  The White Elites are the Capitalist, the Capitalist are those who own and control the means of production. 

They are not those who simply have a lot of cash, hell there are Negros out here with a shit load of cash.

The White Elites are the ones who own the printing presses and the Central Banks that print the cash, dictate the value of cash, and expand or contract the money supply at their whim.

The White Elites dictate public policy, public policy is more important the money.  That’s why you see Negros with money buying cars and shit but not establishing and funding public policy think tanks and foundations like Bill Gates does. 

It bothers me when people call out the same damn names like the Rothschilds, or Rockefellers, like only these two or three families run the world, or when they attribute super natural powers to these parasitic elites, or clime that they are reptiles.  I’m sorry, but it’s not a exciting as that.

The White elites simply have a clear agenda, some established protocols, and the resouces to employ the people to carry out their atenda, and the instutional control to punish those who oppose their agendas.  There’s notiing supernatural or even exciting about that. 

The White Elites even set up and Back people like Alex Jones and other White Nationalist anti-NWO clowns to feed all kinds of confusion into the issue of Who runs the world and for what ends.  They got the masses looking for Chinese troops coming across the border while the White Elites are sustaining their control by inventing in education and media, not by arming UN troops to invade America.  SMH.

These Alex Jones-types got the masses waiting for Martial Law, when economic policy is more effective at keeping the masses passive. 

So, this is why it’s so hard to counter the White Elties, because it takes more intellecutal work and organizing, when too many peole want to load their guns and hunt down Reptile people.

I could list names of White Elites, but I thinks it’s more importannt to understand how they orgniaze and opperate than who they are individually because they die off or they are replaced so often; and their Systems and Institutions are essentially permanent. 

Focus on Systems and Institutions, not individual names and families as much.

And stay away from anti-NWO White Nationalist, they are tools of the White Elites and only confuse the issue.