I See Race & Color Like a Muthafucka!

New Negros want Assimilation and Integration with Whites so bad they are willing to take responsibilities for crimes, atrocities, and ecocide that we had nothing to to with; shit we were coerced, captive, unwitting, and unwilling participants in at best. SMH.

New Negros actually try to say “all people are the same;” which truly translates into: “We can all be White people, if we prove ourselves worthy enough.”

It’s obvious we ain’t all the same, shit just like as us, our cultures, our histories, our technologies, our arts, our social relations, our ever thang! Come on. Why the fuck do we even have to pretend to be the same as Europeans, or any other culture or Race? The differences are vast and we need to fucking acknowledge them, for better or worse.

We ain’t the ones who started attacking, raping, killing, and enslaving muthafuckas solely based on Phenotypical differences, the Arabs and Whites started that shit, not us. So how is the onus on us to be Color-Blind or Race Neutral? Hell naw, I see color like a muthfucka!

A person’s Race and what ever aspect of their culture (Left, Right, Status Quo, Radical, Mainstream, Alternative, Nationalist, Anti-Establishment) they identify with is of utmost importance, and I will deal with them accordingly. I don’t hate anyone based on their Race, but if you are of an Enslaving Race, if you are of the Right Wing cultural component of your Race, if your support the Oppressive Status Quo established by your Race, it is very likely I will hate you without knowin shit else about you, and I don’t need/want to know shit else about you. The decent members of your Race should shun you as well.

Now we supposed to ignore differences because the Race of people who profited the most from highlighting the differences see it as politically expedient to now (pretend to) ignore Race and Cultural differences; or promote the fallacy that all Peoples and Cultures are fundamentally the same….and New Negros wanna now parrot them?!?!? Bullshit!!

We ain’t all just alike, Africans ain’t just like Europeans, and we have not and would not do the same shit, if given the same opportunities as the Genocidal Westerners.

Stop telling that fucking lie!


“Naw Muthafucka, we can’t just all get along!” – Ras Kass