Some Answers to Forbidden Questions.

I know something that you are all wondering, and I’ll speak to this
issue that we are all wondering about, but know it’s not really
appropriate to ask.

The issue or question we all ask ourselves
is: “damn, I know the fucking cops hate us, I know they get aroused when
they point their Black steel Phallic symbols
of death at a Black man/woman/child/elder and pull the trigger, that
they are admitted into a special fraternity when they make their first
kill in the Hood; we know all of this,
but why the fuck can’t they chill, for just a while when the heat is on?
 Why can’t cops just lay low, until the protest are done, and the
corporate media is back to reporting on celebrity bullshit?  Why do they
keep staking these killings and atrocities?”  Hell, even criminals know
to lay low when the “block is hot,” but the police lack any chill.

I know that’s what the community wants to know, and there are two answers to that.

1. The cops view it as not just their job, but their birthright to kill
us, to brutalize, cripple, and abuse us.  Just like we are angered when
the cops violate us, well, they fell that same anger when we seek to
deny them their ability to violate us.  Just like you think it is your
right to go un-harrassed and un-murdered by the cops, they think is is
their right to harass and murder you.  

Just look at the anguish
police feel when they are forced to acknowledge our humanity.  The
police have even marched in protest of civilian review boards, and other
efforts to reduce the level of brutality and lethal force they can use.
 They strike, march, protest, and even riot when they are prevented
from brutalizing and killing us.  

So, that’s why they can’t let
up even when the heat is on them, because they fear as strongly as you
do the loss of what they view as their fundamental rights.  

There is another angle to conciser also, it is also possible that they
are acting on orders from above.  There have been times when the Elites
have removed the muzzle form the cops.  They always commit atrocities,
but they can get an order to commit such egregious atrocities that they
know they will provoke a response from the public, who expect to be
brutalized and murdered, but not in such a blatant manor.

So, if
the cops have been directed to “go hard,” and make their atrocities
public, it would also explain why they are even more sloppy than usual
in covering up their Thrill Kills.  There are many reasons we could
speculate as to why the Elites would allow the cops off the leash.  We
are entering a national election cycle and nothing gets White folks to
vote for Right-Wing Fascist better than “ni99ers in the streets” burning
shit.  There are also many geopolitical issues coming to the surface
from the Snowden leaks, to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, to Climate
Treaties, and the Elites might need the White masses distracted as they
screw them over.  Who knows.  

But now you have an answer to the forbidden question.