What are you thoughts on Kamau Kambon? Have you seen his cspan talk calling for the extermination of white people? Sounded cray at first, but now I don’t know. There isn’t a neon sign over white folks head saying whether they are racist or not, and black people everyday get killed for white profit all over the world. White folk also remain the only folk to commit genocide on every populated landmass and have stockpiles of nuclear and bioweapons. I understand Mr. Kambon.

Well, not even Hitler fully exposed his intent to his enemies while he was in the mist of carrying out his agenda.

The White colonizers in the New World and Africa never announced their intent as they were setting up forts on the shores of our lands.

The Chinese now come to African talking development and diplomacy, but we know they are there for conquest.

Even now, as Whites impose the most well financed, most technological, and poorly hidden campaign of Genocide against its Black citizens and the rest of the African Diaspora, you will not find their scholars announcing their intent, motivations, or even admit that there is a campaign of genocide even though the stats reveal that there is one. 

I’m not comparing Dr. Kambon to Hitler, or his intent to these other insidious agendas; I’m just speaking on the nature of War.

The Art of War, the essence of war is deception; so making a public announcement about your intent on your enemies media is not a war declaration, it’s not even a “teachable moment,” it’s more of a lashing out, an act of frustration, an expression of pain. 

As long as Dr. Kambon has been in the struggle he’s entitled to say and do what he wishes, in the forum of his choosing; however.  #Eldership

We will also find that Liberation efforts, even the most bloody were mostly clandestine in nature, from the Haitian Revolution to the Mau Mau uprising; to the Black Liberation Army, secrecy and deception was key to what success they enjoyed, and exposure, or premature exposure is detrimental to any such actions or movements.

I don’t hold to the “kill all Whites” solution simply because Whiteness is not just a people, it’s a mentality, an idea, a way of being.  There are people who’ve adopted and embraced Whiteness, or Western Culture all over the world. In India, Asia, and even in Africa.  Are we to kill all Black capitalist, all Black Christians, all Blacks who love the homoerotic, orgies of violence and conquest like football, basketball, rugby, and other pro-sports?

I think we need to target the Systems and Institutions of White Domination, those Systems and Institutions employ and have the loyalty of many non-Whites, do we kill them all too?

I’ve often stated that “in their War against Black people, Whites have more Black allies than enemies,” so do we slaughter all of them also?

The “kill em all” approach just doesn’t work, regardless of one’s ideological stance.  Or I haven’t seen any instances where it has worked.  Besides, Blacks don’t have the mentality for mass slaughter and genocide.  I know the media and falsified White history tell us that we are the blood thirst savages, but we are not.  The Rwandan Genocide was not a genocide, and Western mercenaries did much of the killing.  The slaughter in the Congo is fed by Western powers.  We don’t have any record of mass, ongoing slaughters done by Africans without the support or manipulation of our enemies.  So if you want an independent African Struggle, without White manipulation, then you can’t have mass slaughter as part of the agenda, Black folks will not get down with you….unless they are Westernized Africans, and you don’t want them on your team anyway. 

We have to struggle according to our own culture, we have to employ the African mentality, personality, and World View, even in warfare.  We can’t do what Whites do, nor should we desire to.

Now, violence and death is here, and it may cost us as many lives to come out from under White Domination as it took to bring us under White Domination; so I’m not saying that Love and Peace will set us free.  We are at war, we need to engage, and we need to fight to win on all fronts; but that’s something different than mass indiscriminate slaughter; which is what our enemies engage in.

Also, there are so many steps between were we are now and armed, open insurgency, it’s not even rational to speak of taking up arms.  Hell, taking up books, rakes, shovels, seeds, and hammers is more effective in this stage of the struggle.

We do need to master communal self defense, we need Black urban and rural militias, we need basic security in our communities, before we can even establish the level of community, trust, stability, and disciple for more advanced forms of violence; and by that time we will be discussing such matters on blogs and social media, or before their cameras on their corporate sponsored networks.

All that being said; Whites are the primary killer of Whites, their entire culture has a “Death Urge,” they very way of being is Apocalyptic and Omnicidal.  I didn’t get this from Black scholars, but from studying White social and cultural scholars.  Even White Nationalist will admit this.  The main threat to Whites are Whites, the main threat to all life on earth is Western Culture, and they economic and military systems.  So, if you wanna see all Whites die, you can just leave them in power.  The only catch to this is that they will take down the world’s ecosystems with them, and all the rest of us, and the animals too.  So, the White Elites are way ahead of Dr. Kambon.

There are pockets of Whites who understand this as well and are struggling to subvert White culture, to destroy or depart from it. 

Our real task is to remove our vulnerability to White Aggression, and to break their hold on the world’s lands, and resources; the rest will take care of itself.  We don’t have to become them to defeat them.  The Chinese and Japanese became them to defeat them, and China’s ecosystems are wrecked, and Japan nuked itself worse than the Allies did in WWII.

As the West is cut off from our land, labor, and resources, they will have to undergo a fundamental change or they will be left to cannibalize each other in isolation from the rest of humanity; which is what they were doing before our ancestors civilized them. #AsItWasInTheBeginning  

I’m getting a little off topic, and this discussion could take us in way too many directions to cover here.  I will work to publish or produce something on violence, genocide, and warfare; because I think the Pan-African struggle dosen’t deal with it thoroughly and often enough; the RBG Gangstas are full of rhetoric and bravado, but they lack substance, and there are cub scouts troops that are better prepared and organized than they are. Black Integrationist and Black masses are still in the Cult of Non-Violence.

We need to study and cultivate Revolutionary violence and warfare, and stop with the reactionary outburst and rhetoric.