On Spike Lee & “Self-Inflicted Genocide.”

Just as we finally, after more than 40 decades are finally making
progress in the effort to remove “Black-on-Black” violence from the
lexicon of the Black community and larger society; we have New Negros
like Spike Lee injecting an even more insidious, and inaccurate term into our collective consciousness: Self-Inflected Genocide.

You’d think that Africans, in Africa and the Diaspora would have a
better understanding, or at least a working definition of Genocide since
we’ve been subjected to one of the longest running, most organized, and
well funded campaigns of genocide in human history.  But we don’t.  

You’d think that at the very least that our intellectual and cultural
elites would have a base understanding of the fundamental history and
processes of genocide; but them muthafuckas are more ignorant about what
genocide is than the Black masses; and Lee’s punk ass is a perfect

The main thing we need to understand about genocide is
that it has never been one instance of self-inflicted genocide in human
history; not one, it’s not possible, and if any Race can be accused of
attempting such an event, the White Race would be at the top of that
list, not Africans.  Just look at the historical record.

Secondly, genocides have only been carried out by or with the sanction
and support of the State.  Genocides require legal and logistical
supports that only States (and more recently multinational corporations,
which are all charted by the State) can carry out.  Gangs don’t have
the legal or logistical support to carry out genocides.  Genocide is not
a grouping of homicides!  Genocide is the planned, deliberate, and
systematic killing of a specific Race/Ethnic/National/Religious group;
generally for the political, economic, and territorial benefit of the
Race/Nation committing the genocide.

Genocide is not, and has
never been the killing of individuals by other individuals over street
beef!  Genocide is also not one Race killing members of its own Race,
that’s Fratricide.
 Even if these Gangs killed all of their rivals, it still wouldn’t
constitute a genocide because the killers are Black, therefore the Black
Gene is not exterminated!!  The GEN- in GENocide stands for Gene!  It
would only be Genocide if the Black killers killed their rivals, then
turned the guns on their own allies, their own mothers, their own
children, then themselves.  But that’s not what’s happening, and like I
said, only States have the power and infrastructure to carry our, or
support genocide, so Barack Obama is more genocidal than all of the
gangstas and thugs in the world combined; cuz he controls the apparatus
of the State, and all modern European States Imperial States have
engaged in Genocide, and many still are today, like the US.  

Finally, homicide is not the number one killer or crippler of Blacks,
it’s not the number two, or three, or four, or five!  Homicide
consistently falls between 6 and 10 as the leading cause of death for
Blacks, for younger and older Blacks it’s even lower on the scale.  More
Blacks die from unintentional accidents than murder in the US!  More of
us are crippled and killed by our diets than gun!  Also, you can’t tell
by the media, but Black violence and homicides are on the decline
across the board, and the media and the government policy are doing all
they can to sustain and inflate violence and dysfunction in the Hood.  
(Just check the fucking Center for Disease Control & Prevention
website!)  If we targeted the primary killer of Blacks like poor diet
and exposure to polluted and degraded social and physical environment
(aka Oppression), by default the homicides would go down because
hocomices are the fucking symptom of Black oppression, not the fucking
cause of it!  You hear that Spike Lee!?!

These New Negro Elites need to fucking check their data before speaking
on our shit.  I bet of Spike’s ass was asked to speak on the Nazi Holocaust, or the Armenian Genocide, or the Bosnian Genocide, or the Native American genocide, or the Late Victorian Holocausts,
or any other mass atrocites and geoncide the bastard wouldn’t just sit
there all smug saying incorrect, offensive, and dismissive shit about
the suffering of others.  He wouldn’t dare blame the Jews or any other
Race for their own Genocide, even though every genocidal program
provoked internalized violence and exploitation.  Jews were killing each
other, raping Jewish women, robbing each other, and even enlisting in
the Nazi military during their genocide!  Just read up on how Ghetto the
Jews were behaving in the Warsaw Ghetto.
 But would that fucking Coon Spike Lee ever say that the Genocide the
Jews suffered was self-inflicted.  Only States create and maintain
Ghettos, and all people when subjected to Ghetto Conditions react the
same fucking way, look at the slums across the fucking world if you
doubt me.   That muthafucka wouldn’t dear say Jewish Genocide
self-inflected, or that would be his last fucking time in front of or
behind a camera.

Let me wrap this shit up, you can’t really
properly cover this issue in this format, but I at least hope I can
provoke others to study Genocide, and study these treasonous New Negros.
 We are at war, and intelligence is the most crucial factor in any
conflict.  Know thine Enemy, even when thine enemy looks just like you.

I ain’t calling for a boycott of that shit, but I betcha you won’t find me in the theaters watching ChiRaq The Movie; naw.  

Say in your fucking lane Spike.  Make you movies and leave the social
and political commentary and analysis to people who’ve take the fucking
time to study the fucking issues.

Also, get the fuck off of Father Michael Pfleger’s
lap dude, that shit don’t even look right.  You come to Chicago to deal
with violence and that’s who you lock arms with?  You couldn’t find one
Black Chicagoan to rubber stamp your shit?  You make Pfleger the face
of Chicago anti-Violence activism before the world…., shit, I can’t
even get into that.

Spike Lee should forfeit his Chicano and NYC
Hood Pass for the shit he’s on nowadays.  Go jump in the box with Raven,
Barkley, and the rest of them New Negros.  

Look at this chump,
can’t even hold up the Black Power fist without extra support, cuz he
know he ain’t wit it; he still tryna integrate Hollywood.  SMH.  

Oh, and before you talk about the Hood, remember yous the muthafucka
selling Jordans to poor Black kids in the 80s and 90s, do you know how
much violence was provoked by pursuit of the material items you got paid
to push on the Hood, nigg…dude?  Remember you got paid to do that Got Milk?
shit, pushing hormone and pesticide laced Milk on the Hood, that’s a
real disservice Spike.  You been getting paid off of Black culture while
pushing shit on the Hood, and instead of thanking us for you sucess you
blame us for the genocide we are bing subjected to?  You fucking
asshole.  Lemme me stop, before I say some shit I don’t have to say.  
But really, fuck Spike!

Tell Spike I said got do “Da Butt” and shut the fuck up! (In my Eddie Murphy imitating Richard Pryor voice.)