What are your thoughts on Africans being indigenous to America? I read about this on moorsinamerica

We is From Africa!  The Moors like to play dress up and make believe, that’s all.

Africans traveled the Globe long before Whites made it down from the Caucasus Mountains, but we originated in Africa. #WeCameBeforeColumbus

So the only way you will find a Native American Moor, is if a Native American joined the Moors. 

There are Black Indians, but they became Black Indians the same way we became Black Americans; through Slavery and Rape.  Yep, all of the recognized Native Nations that held treaties with the US government owned slaves, sold slaves, captured slaves for bounty, murdered slaves in land disputes with White plantations owners, and wanted to keep their slaves even after the US emancipated slaves because they felt it was their sovereign right to do so, because they were not bound by the US Constitution. 

Look it up; “Indians were not our friends,” aside from the few Native Nations that refused to make peace with the US and participate in the atrocities of the US; but even those Native resistors would kill slaves in order to deny Whites their “property,” and hurt them economically.  There was a time when Natives were the number one killer of Africans in this nation for that reason; check out Dirty Little Secrets vol. I & II.  But all of the major Native Nations and Tribes when along with the enslavement and oppression of our Ancestors. 

So, if you wanna be proud that you got some “Indian in yo Famlee,” you should at least know how we came to be Black Indians. 

Black people always tryna run away from African when we should be running so Africa with all the force we can muster.  We are African, above all else. 

Don’t listen to people who worship an Arab God, and wear European hats (Fez), and claim Native American origins; don’t follow confusion, it only leads to greater confusion.  

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