Attention White America!

Guess What White America:

The CIA flooded the hood with crack, while yall continued to consume and ignore the Drug War being waged against an isolated, exploited, and unwanted minority. Then came Meth. (Since the media is ignoring the prescription drug epidemic running though White America, we’ll pretend that it isn’t real here either.)

The Government militarized the policed and turned them loose on the isolated, exploited, unwanted minority, while yall continued to zoom through the malls and fast food drive-thrus of your affluent suburbs. Now Alex Jones got you all spooked about FEMA camps, and every single government security agency from the NSA to the IRS, has you in the cross-hairs; the Police-State is fully entrenched in America.

Now a new precedent has been set. The nation is awash with unemployed, PTSD afflicted, poorly educated, extremely frustrated, hostile, and armed to the teeth White (and Off-White) males, and they have essentially been given permission to Stand Their Ground and Kill anyone they see as an actual or potential threat. You all sit watching Honey Boo Boo, after making your anonymous online contribution to the Zimmerman Defense Fund, and think you’ve won the day yet again. But guess what: Black males make us less than 6% of the US population, and most of us are out of Bubba’s range, so guess who’s gonna be next on their targeting list?

Carry on White America, carry on.