On Non-Violence and Anit-Violence.

All yall muthafuckas out here talking bout how yall don’t condone
violence, or that violence is wrong; yall need to accept fucking

I’m sick of repeating myself on this issue.

If you live in the US, you are contributing to violence, genocidal violence, omnicidal violence every single day of your life.

You are funding violence as you buy gas (stolen from the Third Word),
as you buy clothing (made in the Third World by wage slaves), buy food
(made of tortured sick animals, and process my wage slaves), pay taxes
which fund the Imperial War Machine, as you walk on the ground saturated
in the blood of Natives and Enslaved Africans.  

Even as you read this post on your device you are benefiting from genocidal violence; every device has Blood Coltan in it, along with dozens of minerals and materials that are secured by killing both African people and African ecosystems.

Most of yall voted for the most militant and violence president in the
world: Obama, and yall still support him as he passed the largest
military budget in human history!

There’s not one comfort you
enjoy in your life that was not secured by past or ongoing violence!  So
shut the fuck up about being non-Violent or anti-Violence!

your punk ass really needs to be saying is that you fully support, or
that you fully submit to State-Sanctioned and Corporate Violence.  You
are asserting that you don’t like unsanctioned, non-official violence.  

You are really revealing that you only condone violence that supports
your gluttonous life style, and you oppose violence in the name of
justice, or rebellion.  

What you are really saying when you
speak or type against Violence is that you are a stupid ass, heavily
indoctrinated, modern day slave; so fuck you and your bullshit ass
anti-violence views and statements.

And all of you New Negros who
are dumb enough to be embarrassed, ashamed, or saddened by Black people
breaking windows and burning shit, all of you need to move to a White
person’s basement and give them your free labor for the rest of your
life because you don’t even deserve the Free-Ranged Slavery (we
mistakenly call freedom) we currently “enjoy” in America.

Your personal “freedom” was secured through violence, so if you don’t like violence, give that shit back, assholes!

One more thing, fuck you people posting that ‪#‎PrayForBaltimore‬
shit too, if your God didn’t prevent the atrocity don’t fucking expect
him to step in after the atrocity and do anything of value.  Dumbasses.