The Legacy of the ‘Clark Doll Tests.’

The youth who went through the Operant conditioning that drove them to pick the White doll when they were asked which doll was best, and pointed to the Black doll when asked who was evil, dirty, or dumb have grown up, they hold positions of power and leadership in our community, they are many of you.

When Kenneth Clark did this experiment, and published his findings, the Muthafucka suggested that integration with the very people who drove us to hate ourselves would fix the problem! WTF?!?

So now we have more African Self-Rejection and Self-Hate than ever. There was never a collective healing, just individuals like my self, and a few others who, with the assistance form our African Elders and Revolutionary Scholars put ourselves through Revolutionary Shock Therapy. We fought our families, our teachers, our communities, some even fought their spouses in order to heal, and embrace our African selves. But we represent a small, powerless, and isolated minority within the larger African Community.

The Clark Doll Tests and their results have been relegated to the History Books, even though the effects and the Anti-African Conditioning has intensified. There are still some people who like to duplicate the test and post to YouTube, but they don’t bother to offer up any real solutions.

Every single day, in the streets, on Social Media I see Black people expressing their Anti-African Conditioning, and they have the nerve to imagine that they are educated, intelligent, moral, even that they are positive or pro-Black, when they are no different than the child in this image, when their mentalities are identical to the wrapped mentalities of the children who would chose the White Doll over the Black Doll.

For the Conditioned Adults the White Doll has been replaced by the White Economy, the White Job Market, White values and analysis, White social relationships, methodologies, and culture, White agendas, White titles and status…but it’s all the same mentality driving you to chose and value White over Black.

You will find many of these Self-Haters and Anti-African Africans wearing African Garb, or saying Hotep. But their main motivation for being Cultural is so that they can better lead us to the feet of their White Masters.

We really need to keep the Clark Doll Test, and what it means to the larger African community, and how it impacts our effort to Liberate ourselves, at the forefront. We have to vet those we organize with, and make our efforts immune to the Self-Rejection and Anti-Africanism that infects many of our people, especially many of the Self-Haters are so deeply indoctrinated they are unaware of their conditioning, their treason and disruption of our efforts are almost automatic, they don’t even have to be directred or paid to sell us out at this point.

Be Aware, continue to Push Forward.