On Black Elites & Class Reproduction.

Black Elites, the top Black earners and status holders, commit their
considerable money and influence to Class Reproduction.  

That means they work to sustain themselves, and bring more Blacks into their Elite (and extremely limited) Class.

That’s why they give millions to Negro Colleges and Universities, they
build elite boarding schools, why they set up foundations and programs
to “encourage success,” among the lower classes of the Black masses.

Now, I know what you are thinking; “fucks wrong with that?!?” and Imma tell you.

The Black Elites and their wealth is rooted and invested in the very
Systems and Institutions that Oppress us.  Yep, there’s a small loophole
in the System that allows some of the Oppressed opportunities to profit
from Oppression.  From Black Plantation Owners back in the day, to
Billionaire African Dictators from the post colonial era, to
Multi-Millionaire Black Moguls of today; they all have more of a vested
interest in sustaining the Systems that Oppress the Rest of us, than
joining us in dismantling those Systems.

Now, I know what you
are thinking; “this hating ass Nigga is just against success and
achievement,” and you might be correct; but look at it this way..:

What if Whites had defined success and achievement on the terms Native Americans established when they invaded this nation instead of following their own Manifest Destiny?

What if the Chinese defined success and achievement on the terms established by the West, instead of following Sinocentrism?

What if Africans defined their success on their own terms instead of
embracing the West’s definition of money, wealth, and success?

No matter how much success and riches you’ve secured under an Alien
system, you obligated to, and vulnerable to those who set up and control
that system. Just ask Bill Cosby, or Mobutu Sese Seko.

That’s why the Black Elites can only help us, a few of us, around 1% of
us get up to their level, but they can’t/won’t support us in our
efforts to secure liberation, assuming that’s what we really want.  That
would be an act of Class Suicide; which is one of the rarest
phenomenons in human history.

So, even when it looks like the
Elites are “doin gud thangs fuh us” in the Hood, just know, they are
only interested in reproduction, not Revolution or Liberation.  

I ain’t saying don’t take their money, mind you; I’m only suggesting we
avoid their paths, but accept their help and resources, by all means.