On Modern Black Minstrels…

Yall notice how whenever these Rich (not Wealthy) Black Minstrels offend White people or Off-Whites (like Jews and Arabs) they are so quick to apologize.

Like when Kanye pissed-off Whites by interrupting Taylor Swift’s award acceptance, or when Buster Rhymes made that song “A-Rab Money,” and pissed of the (African Hating) Arabs, or when Dennis Rodman pissed off the Mormons, (yeah, the ole’ “Blacks have not Souls” Mormons) during a game against the Utah Jazz; there are endless examples of Black Minstrels going off script and pissing off Whites and Off-Whites and then immediately apologizing and making hefty cash donations to the offended group.

But when these same Black Minstrels offend the Black community that attack us for being too sensitive, or refusing to accept the truth. Do I even have to give examples? Nicki Minaj made Malcolm X a “Looking Ass Nigga,” and then attacked his family for expressing their anger. When Lil Wayne bragged about “Beating that Pussy up like Emmit Til,” then he issued some half-hearted apology, or when Kanye tried to resurrect the Confederate Flag, or When Jay Z rapped that it was “Hard not to Kill Niggas,” or When Pharrell made light of the plight of Black people and invented some dysgenic creature he calls the New Black.

The problem is that these New Negros and New Blacks have a global stage, they flaunt Consumerism, Western Standards of Beauty, Racist Stereotypes, and African Self-Rejection to the world.

We have to know that our culture cannot tolerate this for much longer, we have to begin an African Cultural Revolution, or these Piped Pipers of Black Self-hate will have our youth dancing into oblivion.

I don’t support these Minstrels, these Corporate Products, but that’s not enough, we need to mount a campaign of divestment, we need to accept that we are involved in a Culture War.

I’m not sure where to begin but these Minstrels are getting bolder and bolder, and our youth seem to be entranced by the flashiness of it all. When I was younger, we had X-Clan, KRS-ONE, Poor Righteous Teachers, etc. to balance out the NWAs, and Geto Boys, and their ilk; plus even the gangsta rappers would drop some political insights from time to time, and they drove hoopties not private jets so the materialism was not as bad.

This is a problem folks. Just image if White youth started to follow artist that promoted the rejection of capitalism, and resistance to authority, what do you think those in power would do….well we don’t have to guess. The US government actually subverted artist who they thought were a threat to the “America Values,” they wanted their youth to bring forward. But we just sit by and allow any corporation to pump what ever notions they want into young Black minds, our community.

This has got to change.