How will you address “willful ignorance” in your book if you are still coming out with one. The reason why I ask is because in my everyday life I see people wanting to be blind to facts around them. I mean just having a conversation about anything outside of sports, entertainment, etc seems to be impossible. How does one pierce through “willfull ignorance”, to get real work done in the revolutionary process?

Shit, I really need to set a date for my text.  It come out, one day….soon.

As for Willful Ignorance, the best way to combat it is to change the fundamental material circumstances and relationships in a person live and environment.

WI can only be sustained if there are psychical spaces and opportunities for the willfully ignorance to have their ignorance validated.  

For instance, a White person my chose to remain ignorant of the Racial injustices going on in the US, but when they got a Black person in their face about to fuck them up for being casually Racist, they can’t help but deal the very reality that they were able to ignore.  Remember, the root of Ignorance is IGNORE.

Another for instance is you take a New Negro who really believes that Blacks are being murder by the cops because they are unlawful or fail to comply with reasonable police instructions (like RZA, or Chris Rock, or Bill Cosby); these individuals are quickly cured of their WI when the lights start flashing behind them and they have some Racist, homicidal pig pointing a gun at their heads.

So, you can’t educate someone our of their Willful Ignorance, you gotta change the material reality that gives them space and opportunity to sustain their Ignorance, that allows them to ignore reality.

Right not most people in the US are Willfully Ignorant of the impacts of Global Warming, but within less than a generation no one will have the luxury of ignoring Global Warming if will directly and severely impact all of our lives, even in the 1st World.  

If you community is plagued by Willful Ignorance then you have to unite with those who are Willfully Educated and begin to transform your local and regional community on economic, political, and cultural levels so that there will be no sanctuary in your community, in your circles, in your movement for the Willfully Ignorant.

Willful Ignorance is a psychological conditions that can only be combated through material transformation.