Your thought’s on Idi Amin ?

“When all White people are against you, you must be doing something right.” – Dr. Bobby E. Wright (speaking on his admiration of Idi Amin).

I agree with Dr. Wright’s assertions, but we much emphasize the “something” in the comment; something is very far from everything, hell it’s not even most things.

Idi Amin is a legend to many Black Nationalist because he did some phenomenal things.  He kicked the Whites and Asians out of Uganda, Whites and Asians (mostly from India) ruled Uganda’s local economies, until Idi Amin came to power; and now they have returned to rule it once again, up to this day.  Idi also move Uganda away from cooperation with its former colonial masters, and aligned the nation with the Pan-Africanist in the Congo, and the Communist and Socialist nations that opposed the Western Colonial and Capitalist Powers.  Idi forced the Whites who invaded, ruled over Africans to bow before him; and subjected them to much of the humiliations they visited upon African people.  Idi also worked to bring educated Blacks from the US and Europe into Africa to build the post-colonial infrastructure and governments; Dr. Khalid Muhammad was a part of this effort. 

So, Idi was doing some phenomenal shit, but we was also doing some really fucked up shit; but his enemies and detractors have done a really good job pointing out his many flaws, they have also told many lies about Idi, his actions, and motivations. 

Ultimately, Idi was not a Statesman, he was a General, and most often fighters can’t govern, and those who govern can’t fight; that’s why we need proper delegation of powers and roles in Africa and the African Diaspora.  We have all the talents and resources needed to be free and powerful, but they are so poorly managed and appropriated.  This is due to the fact that Africa has been under perpetual attack since 500 BCE!  It’s hard as hell to create a proper State, or government under such conditions.  That’s why Africa and the fully African Diaspora need Revolution. 

I respect the lessons Idi Amin has taught us; both the bad and the good.  He’s a complex figure as most of us are I guess.  I think ultimately the Global African Community should embrace his legacy, and not be shamed by his short comings.  Hell if Whites can hold up heroes like the rapist George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, if they can celebrate mass murderers like Obam…..I mean, like Columbus; we can afford a few “less then heroic” historical figures” to uphold and celebrate. 

I made an Idi button years ago and it’s still one of my favorites. 

Blacks (who are politically engaged)  in the West have always had a level of cautious admiration for Idi, and Whites have always been obsessed with him and his legacy.  This all comes through in this SNL skit; peep how Richard is using this White show to take shots at the US while appearing to mock Idi Amin: