All Feminism is White Feminism.

As someone who’s been calling out Feminism, and all other Integrationist
Ideologies and Movements; I’m glad such critiques are being done.  I
can’t tell you how many times I’ve been cussed out, banned from Social
Media, or unfriended (online, and in life) because I’ve said the exact
same shit about Feminism.

I know it’s because
of my Cis Gendered, Testosterone saturated, Black Male Privileged brain
could not be trusted to simply look at the history and impacts of the Suffragist
and Feminist movements and make a rational assessment.  Fine. (I guess I
should have been using my Black Male Privilege to enjoy the Mass
Incarceration, Genocidal Homicide rates, Shortened Life-span, High
Chronic Disease rates, multigenerational poverty; and all the other
“privileges,” my Black Maleness affords me under Patriarchal White
Domination; instead of thinking and writing about Women’s issues. I
know; but I can’t help myself.)

Now here are my problems with this very accurate critique of so-called White Feminism:

1. It’s redundant to say “White Feminism,” cuz all Feminism is White
Feminism.  Sorry, but it is.  It’s like saying White Capitalism, or
White Racism, or White Male Privilege; all that shit is inherently
White, so you ain’t gotta add the White.  It’s literally like saying
White White people.

2. Why the fuck can’t we Black people; once
we see that a movement or Ideology don’t serve us just toss that shit
into the “ashcan of history?”  Why the fuck do we think we can take a
movement or ideology that wasn’t made for us, and Blackify it or
Africanize it?  Have we forgotten that we are the fucking originators of
life, culture, civilization?  Don’t we fucking know that we can reach
back and draw from our own culture, or invent something brand new out of
our own culture and imaginations?  Why the fuck do we need to
categorize, and fragment White shit so that we can have a little place
in it?  We don’t need Black Feminism, Black Capitalism, Black America,
Black Supremacy, Black Marxism; we don’t need any of their shit, we got
or own, and we can make our own when we don’t got.  So if Feminism is
some White shit that don’t serve us, don’t fucking try to make a Black
Feminism section in the Feminist box, just leave that shit and construct
your own Women’s Liberation and Empowerment movement, ideology,
analysis, and protocols!!!!! Damn!

I been saying this shit for so
fucking long, and been getting cussed out by Sanger Disciples (that’s
what I call Black Feminist) for even longer.  I guess my brutish, Cis
gendered, testosterone saturated brain just don’t know when to quit.