Why do you people get so mad when a white person says nigger? You people call each other that all the time. You sing about it in par songs. Hell, you even call us a nigger, too. You act like its no big deal til we say it, then it’s World War 3. If you don’t respect yourselves, how can you expect others to respect you?!

That’s a good question….about Respect, why have Whites fought, not one, but two continent spanning wars where they killed hundreds of millions of other Whites? 

Why have Whites, in their pursuit of short term profits, contaminated Europe and many other regions where Whites dwell, causing congenital and chronic diseases for Whites (and White children) to balloon?  Did you know that Western Europe is the most nuclear contaminated region of the earth, what a grand White on White Crime! (If you think I’m lying check out the research of the very White Dr. Helen Caldicott.)  Why don’t Whites respect themselves enough to not do this shit to each other?

Also, why do the White masses keep gearing up to fight the wars of their White Elites, only to return home to addiction, homelessness, suicide, and/or spousal abuse?  Why don’t the White masses respect themselves enough to stop falling for the scapegoating of minorities, immigrants, terrorist, and other boogie men that their White Masters put forth as the source of their problems?  Why can’t you petty, poor, under educated, highly indoctrinated Whites understand that throughout history, and up to now your biggest threat has always been the White Elites? 

Also, why are you White folks so obsessed with the N-Word, when there are literally thousands of other Racial slurs available to you?  Every European Ethnic group has hundreds of slurs for every other European/White Ethnic group.  Why can’t yall just run with those?  There are Slurs for Brits, Germans, Spaniards, and so, so many slurs for Jews, Italians and Roma; you don’t even need to be concerned with Black slurs and what we do with them. 

But Whites, especially Racist Whites like you are so obsessed with Black folks, it’s really weird.  I once heard a Brother say; “they hate us cuz they ain’t us,” and you White folks drive home that point way too often.

I grew up in Missouri, right on the Kansas border, and I would always hear Whites call other Whites, “Peckerwood, Honky, Red Neck, White Trash, and even Krackers,” all the time.  So let’s not act like Blacks are the only group that internally use slurs.  I dated a Mexican girl one summer and her brothers would call their Mexican friends “beaners, wetbacks, etc.”  When I moved to NYC in 1992 I lived just outside of Crown Heights, which had a huge Orthodox Jewish population, and many Jews attended Brooklyn College with me, and they would entertain each other by using Jewish stereotypes, and there was even a popular Jewish youth Zine titled “Heeb Magazine.” 

I’m sure in your small, filthy, and miserable Racist world and social circles, you don’t travel much, and I’m 100% positive that you don’t read, so your limited culture and exposure has prevented you from understanding anything that I’ve posted here, but hey, I got some time while my wife prepares dinner, so I wasted it responding your your pathetic ass.  #LuckyYou

Anyway, although I don’t personally use the N-Word, or call other Blacks the N-Word, I don’t flip out when my Brothers and Sisters chose to, it’s their prerogative.  I wouldn’t call it WW3 when a White person chooses to go there, but it is a certified punch in the face if a White person ever calls me that to my face, or used it in my presence.  This is the same code all the Brothers I know live by.  I’m sure you already know this; that’s why you, and other Racist cowards like you are relegated to using the N-Word Anonymously on the internet. 

Allow me to give you your WRIT (White Racist Internet Troll) Score so you can get back to masturbating to interracial porn in your mom’s basement.

WRIT Score : 5.3 : Average.  (You got a relatively high score because you tried to bury your Racism inside a “legitimate” question.  LOL!  Nice trick, but don’t try that shit in the streets.)