Memorial Daze…

You don’t owe any of your Rights or Freedoms to the US Military.

Historically, government soldiers and standing armies are the greatest threat to the Freedom and Liberty of a population, a bigger threat then an outside invading army.

I promise you, if your door is being kicked in by a solider, that soldier will have an American Flag sewn onto his uniform, not the Red Star of Communism, or the Crescent Moon of Islam.

I have nothing against vets, but they should know more than we civilians that the US military is not about protecting freedom, or even fighting for the interest of American Citizens, they serve the Elite, and the Elite only.

So as you enjoy your (hopefully Vegan) BBQ, don’t fall for the Propaganda of this Whole-Lie-Day, just enjoy the day off, and the company of friends and family.

If you feel you must fly a flag and honor a fallen solider, then fly the RBG flag and remember the fallen Revolutionary Soldiers of Black Liberation. Lawd knows we have our share of fallen soldiers. If you wanna honor an army, then honor BLACK Liberation ARMY