Black Women Can Wear As Much or As Little As Little As They Wish! End Of Discussion.

All these Black folks dun bought into the “naked savage” mythology.

They associate being covered with being regal, but they forget that the
covered people killed off the “naked savages” with their pestilence and

A woman is not measured or valued by being covered or
bare, and if that’s where you put her value, then the issue is with you,
not the naked woman.

Black people on here advancing Puritans Standards and
Victorian Era Values taught to us on the plantation. SMH.

Some of the most loyal, and moral women I’ve even known preferred to
wear revealing clothing, it was their culture and community; and some of
the most evil women wear “proper attire,” while the advance the agendas
of the Empire.

I bet some of these so-called conscious folks would have been down on Harriet Tubman for being “unladylike,” and called Queen Sarraounia and Queen Nzinga “hoez” because they fought Arab and European invaders with their breast out.

It’s fucking 2015 and we have gotten beyond this shit yall?  Really?


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