I am the anon who said you were uneducated. I’m not white and the fact that you assumed that anyone critiquing you is white proves you’re a troll. And you proved my point about you being uneducated about genetics. You believe in some sort of lab genius African creating white people and others through splicing. You’re ridiculous. Extremist crazy people from other races and countries don’t glorify their fictitious past quite like the African ones ?. By the way, mutation is how evolution occurs.

First of all (in my Kevin Hart voice), muthafucka, you know damn well your ass is White.  Talking about “African ones,” Black people don’t talk like that about themselves or each other.  

You bring your ass to my blog with Racist comments and questions, lying about your Race (you White bastard), posting accusations, all the while you hide behind Anon; but I’m the troll?  Fuck outta here, you reaching Trump Level hypocrisy now.

I tell you what Anon, find in any of my post, any of my recordings, anywhere where I’ve talked that dumb shit about White people being created in a lab.  I know of the Yacub mythology, but I’ve never accepted or promoted that bullshit shit.   

But I will say this, your people have behaved so damn fucked-up-edly that such myths about yall being a Race of Reptilian aliens, or Demonic lab creations is not only believable, but actually believed by many cultures; not just in Africa but in Asia and the Americas, also in the Island nations.  Just look up the names the cultures of the world have given Whites who’ve invaded their lands.  If yall don’t like being called devils and shit yall shouldn’t have colonized and committed genocide on every single populated land mass in the world. 

Instead of accepting the reality of what yall did and are doing, yall try to bully and shame your victims into downplaying or denying just how fucking destructive White people have been on this planet.  Fuck you, wit cho faking like you Black ass!  Seriously, fuck you.  

The only reason I even allow you to Troll my blog is cuz I think it’s beneficial for people to see your mentality and tactics. #KnowThineEnemy.  

Also, I know about mutation and how it impacts both Evolution, and Devolution. Yo ass is a product of devolution. #Yurugu