On Africans & Islamophobia.

Black people cannot be Islamophobic any more than we can be Racist; not even if we wanted to be.

There are no Arab/Islamic lands invaded and occupied by Africans.  
There are no Arab/Islamic people who have African Gods and Dogma imposed
on them or their lands.  There are no Arab/Islamic people enslaved by
African nations.  There are no Arab/Islamic peoples killing each other
over African religions and ideologies.  

Arab/Muslims colonize Africa and seek to expand their holds on
African lands.  Arabs/Muslims imposed their religions on African
thorough coercion and open force.  Arabs/Muslims holds Africans in Chattel Slavery,
right now, today.  African nations and societies are torn apart and
disrupted by the negative influences of Islam and Arab Colonization;
just as they are by Christianity and European Colonization.

Islam owes a great debt to Africa, and they repaid it by invading our
continent, displacing our cultures, and enslaving our people, with the
aid of Africans who’ve embraced Islam (Arabized Africans).

all African Muslims are Arabized; but those who are put the interest of
Islam over the interest of Africa; and the interest of Islam are
contrary to the best interest of Africans.  Islam is engaged in open war
against African culture and religions.  If your Islam is over your
African identity and heritage, then you are Arabized.  

I have
Muslims and Blacks who imagine that they are also members of the Islamic
faith and community tell me that I’m Islamophobic because I speak on
these issues.  They try to lump me with White Racist who are actually
engaged in Islamophobia.

Just because the Middle East, Islam, and the Pan-Arab nations are under
attack from the West dosen’t mean we Africans have to ignore our
history and the current crimes committed against Africans by
Islam/Arabs/Muslims.  Just like we are not obligated to ignore France’s
imperial crimes against Africa after the Paris Attacks, or any other
crimes and aggression committed against our people.

Africans are
not obligated to subordinate our struggles, our history, and our
suffering to any other people or nation’s suffering; and I never will.

Show me a people who’ve given Africa and Africans that same consideration.