The Worst Terrorism…(according to the White Elite).

The worst terrorism anyone can commit against the Capitalist and Western Power Structures is exposure; not bombings, or mass shootings, or killing civilians (as if those in power give a damn about civilians), it’s exposure they fear the most. Exposing the realities and truths that those in power seek to hide or distort will provoke those in power to move against you quicker than any other action.

That’s why the government still arms Right-Wing Nationalist in the US and Europe; and Islamic and Zionist Extremist in the Middle East, and Asian Hyper-Capitalist; because these individuals have as great a stake in sustaining the grand lies of Capitalism and White Domination as the White Elite do.

When you really look at who’s assassinated, subverted, incarcerated, or suppressed, most often it is not those who take up arms and threaten violence, but those who are able to understand and articulate truth to the masses; those who are able to rally the masses around rational and peaceful steps towards justice and empowerment, not those who rally the people to fear and violence.

The reason Truth-Tellers, Organizers, and Radical Teachers are not being hounded today is not because this System is more humane than it was in the 20s, or 60s; it’s only because the masses (as a result of direct and intense indoctrination) no longer heed the words of those who seek to enlightenment them, the Radicals and Revolutionist are now mocked if not ignored by the very people we seek to serve and organize.

#TruthTerrorist #RationalExtremist #MilitantMindfulness