It’s Bigger Than…

Note: If you are still emotionally upset by the resent acts of White Aggression and Institutional Injustice that the media has given attention to, please stop reading now and revisit this post when you are in a state that you can rationally think about how we as a people would move forward.

Whites are way too aggressive and efficient at committing injustice and atrocities for us to address their undue power and influence on a case by case basis. The world will be depopulated of all life and too toxic to support life anyway of we keep going at this pace.

We need to organize to subvert their entire apparatus of injustice, their industrial and military infrastructure, their terrorist and apocalyptic Religions, and dismantle both their Global Capitalist Economic System and their Global Mass Media Indoctrination Systems.

If you solely focus on Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, Ayana Jones, etc. you are gonna lose ground as you march forward. These cases are good for highlighting to the sleeping masses the true face of American Justice and Democracy, they are…to quote Obama, “teachable moments,” but they are not the Movement, they are not the Cause. Even if Dunn and Zimmerman got the gas chamber or lethal injection, it would not really solve a damn thing.

When people are awaken, inspired, enraged, or motivated by such atrocities, don’t waste their time and energy having them solely focus on those particular atrocities, take that opportunity to fully educate them on the Systems of Global White Domination, and the Omnicidal Economic and Military Infrastructures that allow for those injustices in particular and all the other injustices in general.

If incidences like the Dunn Trial, and the Zimmerman Verdict fail to revolutionize our people and our organizations, then we have allowed those youth to die in vain, and we’ve set up millions of atrocities to be commited in the near and distant future.

(PS: Having your child murdered by a White Aggressor should not qualify you to be a Black leader, or even to school the rest of the community on the issues of violence, and racism. Especially if you were not conscious, or engaged in the Struggle prior to White Aggression showing up on your doorstep.)