Faux Feminist vs. Fool Feminist

Heelary is not a Faux Feminist, she is the real face of Feminism, she represents the real mission and predictable outcomes of Feminism.

Feminism, despite all of its analysis, rhetoric, and promises is about, and has always been about elevating White women to equal positions of domination and (ill-gotten) wealth accumulation as White men.

All non-White women who jumped on the Feminist train have been bamboozled, and Heelary will begin to promptly, and without mercy impose Racist, Imperialist, and Patriarchal policies on poor Women, non-White women, Women in the Third-World, Women in prisons, and all women who are not of her Class and Ideological status.

Heelary is not a Faux Feminist, you are a Fool Feminist if you thought putting Feminist in power would lead to less war, less Racism, equal opportunity for all women, or real challenges to White Domination, or real policies to address rape, domestic violence, or pay inequality.

You can’t just snatch the title of Feminism from the real Feminist when they don’t do what you like, you need to reexamine your movement and decide if it’s still valid or viable.

So, please stop with the Faux Feminism, and White Feminism BS. Just admit that you got tricked into a movement that played you Black folks, and don’t be ashamed cuz it’s not the first time, we been tricked before, the only problem is when we defiantly stay tricked, when we could make better decisions based on better insights.

Same goes for all yall Black Integrationist, Black Christians/Muslims, Black LGBTQ, Black Capitalist, and the rest of us grafting ourselves onto struggles that were never for or about us in the first place.

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