BULLSHIT! Ghetto has both a Color & an Agenda.

Ghetto (in the US) has both a color and an agenda; Ghetto is a precursor to concentration and genocide. This image is not Ghetto, it is an image of the White Underclass, who are not Ghetto.

The White Underclass IS exploited, but NOT oppressed, the White Underclass has a defined role in the White Power Structure, from Overseers on plantations, to Military Infantry (aka Fodder) for imperial wars. They also have a certain amount of power and share in the spoils of the empire, as opposed to being victims of the empire.

From the era of the Romans, to the Dark Ages, to now the vast majority of Whites have been of the low/common/working classes and they have always proven themselves to be as racist and brutal a s the elite, except for an almost statistically irrelevant few.

The Ghetto is only reserved for racial, religions, and/or ethnic minorities/out-groups of White society, not for the White masses, they have poor conditions, but still different; they are different politically, economically, and culturally.

So please, don’t get caught up in this historically inaccurate trend of calling poor Whites, NASCAR fans, trailer park dwellers ‘Ghetto,’ because it confuses those whom the System seeks to truly Ghettoize, concentrate, and commit genocide against.

We in the Ghettos of America are Oppressed, we have no real stake in the Systems that prey on us. The Ghetto for us has expanded beyond a physical place, it is now the overall political, military, and economic standing of the entire Race, even those with some money and education. (Just as the Jews with money and status eventually joined their fellow Jews in the Ghettos as the agenda against their people advanced, so will the Black Elite eventually join the rest of us.)

Poor Whites are exploited but they come for the System that exploits them, the come from the culture of exploitation, they have a stake in that system, and they perpetuate that System even though they have the resources to fundamentally change it.

The history and conditions of the Ghetto are nothing to joke about, but if you must joke, please try to have some level of accuracy.

PS: The last population that we would classify as White to be subjected to Ghettoization are the Jews in Nazi Germany. To be subjected to to Gehttoization they had to first be classified as non-White, until the White of the US lose their classification of “White,” they are not and cannot be Ghetto.

Just Google “ Warsaw Ghetto” and see if you don’t find images that remind you of the Black communities in the US through out our history and now. Just replace the Jews with Blacks, and the Nazis with your local PD and see if the images don’t jive.