Have you read any works from any of our scholars writing or speaking on millenarianism in colonial societies? Or do you have thoughts on millenarianism in colonial societies.

I know of some scholars who were very critical of millenarianism, Del Jones in particular spoke out against it often.

Me, I think it’s absurd, first, how people measure and document time has been so manipulated and distorted that we can’t really say when it when in time.  Every civilization has it’s own calendars, may civilizations and movements have even restarted time, the Bolsheviks proclaimed that the moment they took over was Year Zero, the Christians got us on some BC AD bullshit, and now the global elites have put us on BCE and CE, which is extremely Eurocentric in its measurement of time.  The Chinese have their own calendar, the Mayans had their own.  The western 12 year calendar has has months added days switched around; so how the hell do we really know when the “new millennium” has come or past?

Time, or more specifically; how humans measure time and dates is not fully exact or even consistent.

But let’s say that we could accurately identify when a new mellennium has arriaved, that will not fundamentally change anything in human social, political, or military relations.  Bush stayed on the Global White Domination course in the year 2000 while all these sprutilist were talking shit about a “new awakening,” the “age of Aquarius,” and how the year 2000 would bring about a polar shift. 

Millenarianism is Spookism.

Spookissm is defined as; A strong emotional belief in a non-existent noting.

In the struggle for justice and Revolutionary transformation, you don’t or read calendars, you watch and read the people, conditions, and larger geopolitical moves.