Do you agree with Chinweizu that Africa must industrially develop, whether under capitalism, socialism or communism to sustain itself from future imperialist and colonialist in other to be liberated? Decolonizing The African mind was published in 1987 so how would those ideas apply now with advanced technology, and a growing African population? Not to mention Africom and Americas secret army bases on the continent. Is industrial revolution still the way for Africa? Can Africa remove its self fro

You question kinda cuts off at the end…

As far as Chinweizu, all of his text are magnificent (except for “The Anatomy of Female Power,” that shit was bugged, interesting, but bugged); but I think his positions need to be updated and amended. 

African has mal-developed, just as all other nations that have failed to fully decolonized and embraced Western Capitalist.  African isn’t poor or dysfunctional because of lack of development, so development will not rescue Africa from it’s fundamental issues.  

There is development all over the Continent, industrial, technological, political, and military; but it’s structured to extract the wealth of Africa, not to sustain the African people and the African Diaspora, so more development will only make this extraction more efficient.  

That’s all technology and “development” ever does, it make it easier to do what has always been done.  Technology and development don’t civilize people, it just makes the savage more efficient and effective at savagery, it doesn’t end colonization, it just allows the colonizer to rape the land and outsources from afar.

Africa needs socialism (collective ownership of resources, central planning of the economy, ecological development of resources, empowerment of workers, purging of oligarchs and kleptocrat, etc.).  Africa needs Pan-African Unification and Coordination.  Africa needs Revolution, political, cultural, and economic Revolution.

Africa needs to repair and sustain it’s ecosystems, the African economy needs to be operated within the limits of Africa’s vast and diverse ecosystems.  All technology needs to be ecological and sustainable, all energy also needs to be ecological and sustainable.  That’s the only way forward, that’s the only way to maintain the life sustaining capacity of the entire earth.  

Finally, or primalry Africa needs a unified defense system, and mutual defense pacts in order to defend the people and sustain the struggle.