Are different races physically different since the evolved in different climate/enviroment ? If so is that the reason why different races excel in different sports like for example blacks seem to do better on average in basketball,sprinting,marathon,boxing etc….

Our phenotypical differences are rooted in the environment that we developed in, they are adaptations to our climate.  Our physical climate, cultural incubators (Asili), and our fundamental personalities and mentalities all merge to give us the identifiable Races, or Racial differences we have in the world today. 

Race is an absurd way of classifying humans, but since Whites have imposed Racial hierarchies, and enforce them with nuclear weapons, we will have to move according to this shit until White Domination, the threat of White military aggression, and the eventuality of White nuclear annihilation is removed from this planet. 

So, until the Global African Population, and the world is liberated, we have to embrace the Race First, Revolutionary Pan-African world view.

As for Blacks excelling in “different sports,” it is rooted in our cultural, genetic, and social heritage; but what’s often overlooked is that Black people excel in any arena we are given free and open access into.  The problem is that others dictated our access, we don’t.

Since we were colonized and enslaved by White Aggressors we were allowed to engage fully in physical labor, and entertainment pursuits.  When the work was done the Colonial oppressors, and Plantation enslavers would allow us our games, our music, and the opportunity to worship the Gods they gave us.  So, that’s where we excelled.  We are the best at entertainers (sports is entertainment, athletes are entertainers) because we’ve been allowed to fully express ourselves in that area.  We are the most and the best at this religion bullshit, we are the truest believers, we “out Pope the Pope, we out Jesus, Jesus, and we out Mohammad, Mohammad;” as John Henrik Clarke would often say. 

What the world doesn’t want to admit is that we show the same superior skill in the academic, scientific, and administrative arenas also if given fair and unobstructed opportunity that other Races enjoy.  From the first time the first invader stepped foot in African they have been at war with the African’s intellectual ability, they are threatened by it. 

At the same time our oppressors asserted that we were inherently inferior of mind and intellect they outlawed us from reading or developing our intellect; which is a contradiction.  Why would you have to outlaw learning for a people incapable of learning, why did our oppressors impose beatings and death on our ancestors for learning to read and write if they lacked the ability to read, write, or to intellectually challenge the oppressors?

How can you outlaw the development of something that dosen’t exist?

Today the intellectual suppression is more insidious, much deeper and more dangerous.  They destroy our minds using a combination of propaganda, indoctrination, biochemical assaults on developing Black minds (toxic, mind altering foods, mass drugging), and resources deprivation (ex: underfunding Black schools, putting Black youth into special-ed and remedial classes).  They destroy our inherent love of learning, and our drive to achieve; it’s been called Mentacide: the destruction of the Black mind. 

I have personally been put through this mind destroying program, attending poor schools, wrongly diagnosed as learning disabled, put into special-ed, and remedial classes, I went thorough “Fourth Grade Failure Syndrome,” that’s laid out in Countering The Conspiracy to Destroy Black Boys; I was put through the entire “conspiracy.”

Our Negro leaders are reluctant to even acknowledge these war to destroy the Black mind and intellectual capacity, the we have failed to develop and implement counter measures to Mentacide.  We just keep telling Black youth do bow down and work harder under degraded and humiliating conditions.  This turns Black youth into those who either hate all things academic and scholarly, or New Negro Drones who are willing to endure any humiliation in order to “achieve the American dream,” Drones who have no commitment to the Black Liberation Struggle no matter how much formal schooling they get or money they earn. 

Whites understood that we were their intellectual rivals or betters, so they used the one thing they had above all other Races to stifle our intellectual development; Aggression.  Whites have demonstrated the greatest capacity to kill and destroy, more than any other Race in recorded history, and they’ve use Aggression as their trump card; it’s all laid out in The Iceman’s Inheritance, and Yurugu

If Black people were given access, trained, equipped, and motivated to engage in intellectual pursuits like we are in the athletic and music industries you’d see the same level of excellence, the same level of amazement and wonder, you’d see great benifits, ideological and technological, produced by Black people, then shared and copied by the rest of humanity.

The egos of the brutes who dominate the world can’t stand that so they erect barriers to our entry into non-entertainment based industries, then, they focus their resources on indoctrinating those few who reach the upper levels of academic pursuits, they work to purge any African Consciousness from our academic achievers and scientist.  The few conscious Africans who break through all of that are still stuck in wage bondage or ostracized within their professions if they attempt to use their skills and training for the empowerment of Black people. 

Despite all these hurdles we still have a few who break through, just like we are able to produce some conscious, Revolutionary, and Pan-African Artist and Athletes. 

So, don’t think that our gifts are limited to stages and ball fields.  Our genetic and ancestral gifts go too deep for that.