On Karma…

I wish Black people would stop playing around with the word and concept of Karma. It is an obscene and retched notion that is married to the systems of Untouchability (See: Dalits), Slavery, Sexual Bondage, and Sexism.

It is not about Cosmic Justice, but the maintenance of a strict Caste system in the nations that developed the concept. I keep hearing these so-called Spiritual People, and just us regular folks use Karma in both serious and joking ways, that’s like joking about the systems of bondage that held/hold our people. That shit is insensitive.

Karma is the concept of paying for shit you did in a previous life as you live your current life. The Asian Religions that adhere to the Karmic principles assert that the poor, women, certain ethnic groups, the cripple, and any other disadvantaged people in their societies committed some great sin in past lives that they most pay for today.

On the flip side of Karma, the rich and powerful are the most bless by simply being born rich and powerful. You can see what kinda bullshit that type of system will lead to.

Karma also demands that people with power, money, and other resources shouldn’t help the disadvantaged because that would hinder their Karma, because your are preventing them from fully answering for the sins of a past life. Some Karmic traditions justify the well-to-do treating the less fortunate in harsh and demeaning ways so that they can better address their past sins.

Karma ain’t got shit to do with kicking a dog, and then getting a flat tire; that’s pure coincidence. Karma ain’t got shit to do with helping an elder cross the street and then getting a job promotion later that week, that’s just coincidence to. Don’t be an asshole, be decent; and fuck worrying about little Cosmic rewards and punishments.

People think they can escape the hypocrisy and oppression found in the big three religions by running to the East in terms of their Spirituality; but the Eastern systems are just as fucked up as any other organized religion. That’s just what happens when men pretend to speak for Gods.

So fuck Karma.