Profiles of (Current) Black Obama Supporters:

1. Hyper-Integrationist:  They have such a deep-seeded, pathological desire to be part of the American Empire they are willing to take part in, or ignore any atrocity, or violation.  Obama is their greatest evidence of inclusion so they will support him until the end. 

2. Political Retards:  Individuals who have no understanding of the purpose and processes of politics, and view it as a popularity contest.  They don’t understand what’s happening in national politics, and don’t give a fuck about international politics.  These people know more about which celebrities Obama has taken photos with, and what designer Michele Obama is wearing, than they do about his policies and greater agenda.

3. Old Heads:  These are perhaps the most sympathetic of Current Black Obama Supporters.  These are individuals who’ve invested most of their lives in the struggle for the betterment and advancement of the Black community.  They have been so disappointed to see what they have struggled for (in the Civil Rights Movement) disintegrate into even greater Black poverty, incarceration, and general dysfunction, so the hold to Obama as evidence that all of their work and sacrifice was not in vain.  They will take this final hope to the grave.

4. House Negroes:  These are Obama’s Black political and economic contemporaries.  They are mistakenly called the Black Elite or Black Bourgeois, but in reality they are will compensated slaves and attack dogs for the White elite.  They are the only segment of the Black population who derive any direct benefit from Obama’s policies; although they will ultimately suffer the same fate as the Black masses, they seem to be happy to know that they will march to the concentration camps in fine furs and silks while the rest of us march there in rags.  

5. The Post-Racials:  These are Blacks who would resent making this list because they don’t consider themselves to be Black or African, they are beyond race, they don’t see color, they are citizens of Obama’s “Post-Racial America."  I agree with them, they are no longer Black or African, and I don’t bother trying to convince them that they should be.  I just added them to the list to make it complete.

6. Stockholm-Boyz & Stockholm-Girlz:  These individuals recognize their Blackness or Africanity, but cannot separate their destiny from their White oppressors.  They think; "What’s good for White folks is good for me and the rest of the world."  They often will disagree with Obama’s policies and neglect of the Black community, but they will argue that he’s the best we got so we gotta stand by him, and America is the best we got so we should keep striving for our place within it.  Unlike the Hyper-Integratinist, they will not deny the problems, but they are not willing to entertain or work towards any solutions that would separate them from, or put them in direct opposition to their oppressors. 

Ever single Obamite I’ve debated, or been attacked and threatened by has fallen into one of these 6 categories.  I just though I’d lay them out to show that not all Obamites are the same. 

All sane, moral, rational, and awake Blacks abandoned Obama before the end of his first term, it they ever supported him at all.