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White Aggression is a constant, these Systems and Institutions they’ve created do ongoing and Ominicidal violence day and night. 

I think it’s unfortunate that we always wait for White Aggression to manifest locally to take notice; I don’t know if it’s escapism or willful ignorance on our part.

Today, there are genocidal proxy wars all over the world funded and armed by the US, there are millions being tortured and murdered in US prisons, and CIA Black Sites across the globe.  There are thousands of animal and plant species being driven to extinction every year for nothing more than a boost in quarterly profits.  We are allowing humanity to be fully degraded and the world’s ecosystems to be rendered in capable of supporting complex lifeforms for nothing more than the accumulation of fiat currency; so what can I say about yet another mass shooting; I’m not surprised. 

It’s not because I’m numb, I’m simply aware.

White Social Scientist have developed this concept of “Atrocity Producing Conditions,” in which people are driven to act is inhumane and atrocious ways towards each other, or even inflict harm upon themselves in response to social and environmental pressures and cues.  These Atrocity Producing Conditions affect different Races and Cultures in varying ways, but ultimately they lead to social disintegration and extreme acts of violence. 

As a result of Europeans physically colonizing most of the globe, and using their Culture and Economic systems to colonize the areas they were unable to colonize directly; they have turned the whole damn planet and all human social relations into toxic Atrocity Producing Conditions.

So, what does all that mean in the context of a mass shooting in a Charleston church?  Well, I think that such acts of Radicalized violence are all interconnected. 

The White male who did the shooting is 21, so virtually his entire life the US has been engaged in mass killing of non-Whites across the globe, he’s been feed a steady diet of anti-Black propaganda (which I’m sure they’ll find a shit load of when they search his home and computers), he’s been indoctrinated into believing he’s the Superior being and that he and his White World is under threat from non-Whites across the Globe….., all this is interconnected; and some Whites, those who are not part of the sophisticated Systems of Oppression and Genocide, sometimes act out their White Aggression in out modded ways like Roof; but Bill Clinton has a higher Black body count than Roof, and we are sending her to the White house with our blessing.   

Black people in the US have, in the last 100-50 years have felt that we could integrate into America, and that our status as US citizens would some how be exempt from the violence the US commits against Black people in Haiti, Honduras, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Congo, the Philippines, etc.  We even join them in their attacks against Africa and the African Diaspora; then we feel such shock and sorrow when that same White Aggression is turned against us. 

The US has killed millions of Iraqis since 1900 when their criminal aggression was steeped up in that regions, they have facilitated the utter destruction of Haiti economically and politically, they have turned Honduras into a killing field, they have fueled a NarcoWar in Mexico.  Obama took office and stepped up the global campaign of atrocities, and the Black community cheered him on.

We live in a violent and racist culture; when our miseducated, under resourced, abused, and economically obsolete Black youth are not wreaking havoc on us with the guns and drug provided to them by Government agenda and agencies, we have cops brutalizing us, then White vigilantes join the fray, and the occasional White Nationalist bomber or mass shooter is just the cherry on top.  That dosen’t count the Racist Healthcare professionals, the bankers, the corporate employers, the teachers and professors; and other Racist who attack, disrupt, and even kill us in more subtle ways.

Then, which is the biggest tragedy of all; we have to accept that, “in their ongoing War against Black people, Whites have more Black allies than enemies.”

So, what can I say about the SC shooting?  How can I be surprised, we can all predict how the shit is gonna play out, and place bets on how long before the media is on to the next hot, ratings boosting story. 

#BlackLivesMatters is a wonderful slogan, but it’s not the reality of this world, not yet, because we are not doing what it takes to make it reality.

White men with advanced degrees, who wear expensive suit or pristine white lab coats are a far bigger threat than poor, fanatical White Nationalist like that Roof boy; but we don’t have protocols to deal with any of these threats, nothing beyond prayers and appealing to Greater White Authority to protect us from Lesser White Authority, we appeal to the lion to protect us from the hyena. 

For hundreds of years we’ve been ignoring subtle and direct messages and evidence from the Dominate Culture, that message tells us that not only is there no secure place in their Systems for us, but that this System will consume all until nothing is left.  Even populations of Whites are starting recognize this, hell, even their Pope had to admit this.

The Nazis lost WWII but their ideology won it, and it’s running the world today; it manifest in Global Capitalism, in mass and (seemingly random) shootings; and all acts in between.

If this is your moment of clarity, then join the Revolution, commit to dismantling the Systems and Institutions of Global White Domination, or just watch the media circus surrounding this latest atrocity, watch politicians (esp. Obama) grandstand and propose more repressive polices that will line the pocket of the Elites while protecting no one, and brace yourself for many more yet to come.

I wish I has something more comforting to say on the issue, I’m sorry.