Black Gays Getting Played….Just Like the Rest of Us.

Now that the Gay Rights Movement has secured the right to openly serve in the US military, to end formal discrimination in housing and the workplace, and Marriage equality; White gays are now back to focusing on being White.

NPR reported this week that White gays vote their “economic interest” above all other issues since the US Supreme Court has thrown it’s full support behind Gay Marriage. There are even prominent Gay Republicans emerging on the political scene this election cycle, like Carl DeMaio.

So, where does that leave all the Black members of the LGBTQ Nation?
That’s simple to answer; it leaves the Black LGBTQs right the fuck where the GRM found them, in the hood, in poverty, under oppression, and still Black. LoL! I don’t mean to laugh but this shit is as funny as it is tragic.

Did the Black LGBTQ community really think that White gays would remember them after Gay Integration and Acceptance into mainstream society was won. Did they think Gay Whites would build inclusive Gay communities and share their privilege, wealth, and new found opportunity with Gay people of color? Did they think that after integration was won for White gays they’d continue to fight for other groups who are suffering exclusion and discrimination by the dominate culture? SMH.

I can’t count how many Black LGBTQs who have attacked me, denounced me, reported/un-friended/blocked/trolled me on Social Media and even threatened me for calling out the LGBTQ Movement for what it was; just another integrationist movement that will only benefit a small number of Elites while leaving the masses in the substandard conditions that started in.

But wait before you point fingers and laugh at the Black LGBTQs my People, remember, the rest of us have fell for, are are still falling for the same hustle.

We forget that White Jews were segregated and discriminated against in the US, most of them changed their names and changed or hid their faiths and went White, but others financed and supported the Civil Rights Movement, have we forgot that. Not just in the 1960s either, Jews were putting up the funds and we provided the bodies and blood in the fight to end legal discrimination since the early 1900s, Jewish money founded the NAACP; even now APAC dictates policy to the Congressional Black Caucus. After we marched for, fought for, died for, and won Civil Rights and an end to Legal Segregation and Discrimination in the US, the Jewish population left us in the dust and enjoyed the new Integrated America we created while Blacks returned to the Slums, they did take some token Black with them, but not many.

The Feminist have been pimping the legitimate gripes of the Black woman since the Suffragette Movement. Poor Black women been locking arms with White, Middle-Class, Desperate Housewives for decades, and while the White women get the benefits, all they can seem to secure for Black women is easy access to abortion clinics, and little else. Hell we have more Women in the US Senate than any other time in US history, and all of them are White women, and they ain’t even acknowledged the increasing incarceration, poverty, chronic disease rates, and violence against Black women; but every time the Feminist make the call Black women show up, and join the fight. SMH.

Black men are even worse than the Sisters with Feminism. Every single fucking movement the White man invents we get on board thinking that shit gon pay off for us. We put on his uniforms and fought his enemies from the Native Americans to the Bolsheviks, to the Terrorist. We imagined after we showed loyalty, bravery, and disciple in fighting the White man’s enemies he’d accept us as his brothers, but Black vets return home broken and in the same damn positions they were in before the wars. We adopt White values and make them our own, White Systems, White every fucking thing, from Christianity to Capitalism; thinking we gon join in on the rewards if we make the sacrifices, and that shit never plays out, but we keep the faith anyway.

So we can take a moment to laugh at the Black LGBTQs as they get played by their White allies in the Gay Rights Movement, but we then need to look at how the rest of us been getting play for the last 3 fucking centuries.

Even the Asians, Latinos, and Native Americans have learned to run this hustle down on us, they’ve learned that Blacks have such a need to be accepted by others that we will join any movement and not even ask “what the fuck is in it for my people!”

Dr Claud Anderson told us to say away from Horizontal Issues (issues that impact all people, issues that touch all people) and focus strictly on Vertical Issues (issues that impact only our communities). If you are not building towards Pan-Africanism, any other movement you are joining will profit all others but your own in the long run, you are getting played, and your ass will end up back in the “Ni99a Box” after the Multi-Cultural Horizontal Issue is settled.