How does one keep their sanity, knowing ALL of the issues plaguing the world. I’m a black woman, millenial, and at times it is overwhelming the issues that someone like me faces. Let alone everyone else. How do you relieve stress?

Organize, Organize, Organize.

Everyone from Fanon to Ture told us that engaging our Struggle, confronting our Oppression is the best way to no only hasten the end to our Oppression, but to sustain our sanity as we navigate our Oppression.  

Beyond that there’s dancing, good sex, exercise, live affirming (conscious) music, art, theater, reading, healthy diet, hydration, a vibrant and engaged social circle; and other activities and pursuits that coincide with Organizing for the empowerment of your community and Liberation of you people; which will build you body and strengthen your mind.  

The worst offense you can level against this System of Oppression is to live a full and vibrant life as you bang against oppression and work to address internal issues of your people.  

Lucky for you, you are coming up in an era of “awakening,” thanks to your generation, once again “Revolution is in the Air.”  We only has pockets of action and consciousness when I was a youth in the 1990s, but you are in when it’s easier then ever to mobilize, organize, and make an impact. #TheYouthAreTheTruth

Just follow Boot’s lead; Laugh, Love, Fuck, Drink Liquor, & Help the Revolution Come Quicker. (Note: I replace Liquor with Organic Green Tea.)