Are you not afraid of being tortured, maimed or assassinated? I don’t mean this in any confrontational or offensive way. I just want to get your feelings on this matter especially being on such a public and white owned forum, with a predominately white user base.

No, not currently. 

Those in power have concluded that the Black Radical, or African Revolutionary threat was nutralized in the 60s with COINTELPRO; so the White Power Structure (as it was called in the 60s) no longer deems such aggressive and subversive acts necessary to quell Black Uprisings. 

The WPS has also integrated African Studies, Afrocentricty, Black Pride, Black Economic (mal-)Development and other once subversive programs and ideologies into the larger White Capitalist Culture, so it is now directed to generate profit for the Elite as opposed to undermining them.  That’s why we have Hallmark selling us Kwanzaa Cards, and African Centered Carter Schools fully sanctioned by the government, “former Radicals” working as tenured professors at elite White Universities, etc.  Our struggle was co-opted.  Our Revolution has been gutted, and left for dead at the roadside, so why bother with the few remaining remnants, especially since the masses of Black people ignore and/or ridicule us?

The Elite are more concerned with the Islamic Resistance, the Radical Green Resistance, Right-Wing White Separatist, and Asian Economic Expansion.  They are organized and growing their movements globally.  They offer direct challenges to the Western Capitalist Elite.

Most Blacks willingly and aggressively support the Status Quo and our lowly position with in it.  Most Blacks believe that they can “make it” and join the Elite, they feel secure having them rule the World, they will not support Black Radicals, or any other Movement that’s in opposition to the current Elite.

Obama’s election is seen evidence to the Black masses, evidence that “we too sing America,” that we are truly “Americans.”  Even though the statics don’t back up this delusion, it’s all but impossible to get most Blacks to reject America and pursue a Revolutionary path to Liberation. 

Also, the Black community is now self-policing and self-regulating, there are influential and pervasive forces within our community that fight to prevent our Radicalization, and the formation of any truly Revolutionary Movement among Black people.  From the preachers, to the Black Cops, to wealthy Black entertainers and athletes, and even seemingly Black Militants (who are only Black Capitalist who employ rhetoric about Black unity and Independence, but don’t offer any real viable solutions).  These internal regulators, these leading Black people telling us that we don’t need to rebel, or rise up; that we are the real problem and the real enemy holding ourselves back, that we are responsible for our own problems and we just need to pray/work/obey/submit/earn/spend to “make it.”  They offer solutions that seek to allow Black people to rise within the Omnicidal Systems of White Domination, and Industrial Capitalism, but they don’t seek to displace or dismantle the system of oppression.

If individuals like me, and the organizations we form do once again gain status within the larger Black community, if more people started to listen to us and join us, then the Elite would, out of necessity began it’s criminal repression of our Movements and our Community just as they have always done since the first organized Slave Revolt, up to the mass movement of the 60s, but aside from surveillance, there is little need to attack the Truth Tellers in our community; there are too many New Negros doing that job for them.

Serious researchers and organizes are prepared for the eventually of the Masses rising up again, and our oppressor’s attempts at more subversion, we take precautions, we accept dangers, and press forward because it’s bigger then any individual.

When things heat up, new protocols must be employed, stricter security measures enforced, etc, etc, etc; but right now the key obligation of any African is advocating for Pan-Africanism, it awakening our people.  We have to be outspoken, seen and heard or we will never get to the higher stages of Organization and Unity. 

We must organize those who are aware, and educate the masses, and expect and be prepared when things escalate. 

That’s not to say that Black people in the US are not tortured, maimed, or assassinated, we are, and always have been, but not because they fear a Revolutionary Upraising coming from the Black community anytime soon.  So my chances of having the government subject me to such treatment are not that much greater because I advocate for Revolutionary Pan-Africanism, or because I share insights that the Elite want suppressed.  I’m a Black man in the US, that alone is enough to get you murdered, incarcerated, and tortured by the State, even if you are not a Revolutionist, just ask Oscar Grant, Trayvon, Eric Garner.

There’s much more I want to say about his issue because it’s a heavy question, and the issue is not addressed enogh in the community.  They risk are real, but they evolve depending on the level and intensity of our organization and resistence.  I’ll stop here and hope that I did your questions and concerns justice.