On Slavery & Abolition.

There are more people enslaved in this nation and around the world than at any other time in human history.

If you are not actively opposing Slavery, Oppression, Trafficking, Wage
Slavery, Sweatshops, Mass Incarceration, Blood Minerals/Stones, and
Capitalism; then you are no better than the passive Slaves, or the Free
Blacks in the North who didn’t support the Abolitionist Struggle, or the non-Slave owning Whites who didn’t struggle within their own populations to end their people’s atrocities.

Slavery is not History, it is current and expanding.

It really annoys me to see people express their admiration of Harriet Tubman, Nat Turner, Frederick Douglass, or even John Brown, and William Lloyd Garrison; but they are not aware of, or engaged in the Liberation Struggle taking place in their own lifetimes.

Most of you would have either snitched on Harriet, or closed the
shudders on your slave shacks when she came knocking in the night. I can
tell by your actions, or lack of action in these times.

Wake up
and Join the Struggles….any of the Struggles, there are struggles to
suit most ideologies and dispositions, from militant to non-violent,
from secular to spiritual; there’s no fucking reason to not be
organized, linked up, and building with others for Resistance and


‪#‎OrganizeOrganizeOrganize‬! – Kwame Ture.